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1 in 10 Daycare Centers Still Using Recalled Infant Sleepers

Despite recalls and reports, one in ten surveyed daycares are still using the inclined infant sleepers that have been responsible for a number of infant deaths.

According to two watchdog groups, US Public Interest Research Group (US PIRG) and Kids in Danger (KID), 600 daycares were polled with 376 responding. They focused on states that mandated recalled sleepers be removed and states that have lax recall laws and notification.

This points to a larger issue that we may be concerned about and that is whether recalls are working as they should. Are those buying the products getting the information as needed? Recall notices are useful, but are they getting to the people who need them?

Adam Garber of U.S. PIRG says, “Parents and daycares and caregivers prioritize keeping their kids safe, but can’t do it if they don’t have the necessary information. This is a good example of a larger hidden danger.

He goes on to say, “Companies collect huge amounts of information on each of us. They know what I bought, and they use it to target me for more things that they want me to buy. If they’re going to collect all this information about me, whether it’s through a loyalty rewards card program that tracks my purchases and account, or for their marketing purposes where they buy this information, they should use that information for good in the world by helping to keep us safe.”

Garber says CPSC needs to work more closely with daycare centers to rectify this issue.

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