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Zynga Class Action Lawsuit

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Zynga Class Action Lawsuit – The Maker of Mobile Gambling Apps In Trouble

Zynga Charged With A Class Action Lawsuit

Zynga, the creator of the mobile game Wizard of Oz Slots and many other games, was charged with a class action lawsuit over an alleged gambling scheme.

The Lawsuit

The lead plaintiff, Michael Owens, filed a lawsuit against Zynga in California after losing money from playing its mobile game.

The particular game played by the plaintiff is Zynga’s Wizard of Oz Slots, a free casino slot game. 

According to the plaintiff, he has lost an estimated amount of $8,000 from playing the game.

The lawsuit asserts that Zynga deceives its users by using the same psychological gambling schemes implemented in real casinos.

Plaintiff Allegations

The lead plaintiff argues that various users have also lost money from playing Zynga’s casino game.

According to the plaintiff, he began playing the game in May 2020. The plaintiff buys in-game currency in Google Play Store that gives him game advantages.

However, in January 2021, he estimates that he has already spent $8000 from in-game purchases.

The lawsuit asserts that the way Zynga has designed the game makes it hard for users to stop playing despite monetary losses.

The plaintiff believes that the game is designed similar to real-world casinos, making it addicting for users to play and spend money on it.

The lawsuit states that since the game is a mobile app, it is easier for users to purchase virtual currency, which users can use in playing.

The lawsuit also states that Zynga’s game design misleads users that they can win based on their skill, leading users to make more in-game purchases. Nevertheless, the results reveal that the outcome is randomly determined.

Related Law

The lawsuit states the mobile gambling apps, like Zynga’s slot casino game, evade gambling laws by not giving any form of monetary prize to its users. Regardless of this, the plaintiff believes that the company has breached California gambling laws.

The lawsuit argues that since real money is used to purchase the virtual currency used in the game, wagers and all transactions made in the mobile app can still be considered gambling. 

Thus, the plaintiff believes that Zynga implements an illicit gambling scheme and infringes the Unfair Competition Law in California.

The plaintiff complains that Zynga’s Slot Games are advertised as legal video games.

However, the plaintiff believes that the games are illegal and that users should be informed that it mimics casino slot machines.

Games Covered

The lawsuit filed by Michael Owens aims to represent Zynga’s users who have made in-app purchases in their slot games.

The lawsuit aims to cover the following games created by Zynga:

  • Black Diamond Casino
  • Game of Thrones Slots Casino
  • Hit It Rich!
  • Princess Bride Slots – already discontinued.
  • Spin It Rich! – already discontinued
  • Slots – Riches of Olympus – already discontinued.
  • Willy Wonka Slots
  • Wizard of Oz Slots

The lawsuit seeks to compensate class members that will be identified in the case.

It also aims to reimburse the lead plaintiff for all the monetary damages incurred in the suit.

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