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Zoom Class Action Lawsuit Uninvited Users

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Zoom Uninvited Users Class Action Lawsuit Win – Will Still Face Breach Of Contract Allegations In California Court

A California judge has decided to side with Zoom in its bid to have allegations of the company allowing uninvited users to crash in a user’s meeting made against it, among others, be partially dismissed in court. 

In a decision released and was reported in mid-March this year, United States District Judge Lucy Koh has agreed with Zoom’s legal team’s counterarguments concerning incidents of ‘Zoombombings’ or when an uninvited guest crashes in a user’s meeting with the intent to disrupt or even share profanity and lewd content and acts for all of the meeting viewers to see. 

Zoom argued that it is protected by the provisions of the Communications Decency Act. Section 230 of the law grants legal protection to different internet companies that provide a neutral tool for other third parties to use. 

The California judge agreed to Zoom’s demand to have this accusation dropped by concurring that the heinous and lewd acts done by Zoom users were perpetrated by them and not Zoom itself. 

This defeated the class action lawsuit’s argument that Zoom should have done more in its capacity as a company to prevent such incidents from happening under its watch. 

Additionally, the judge decided to throw out the allegations that Zoom has violated provisions of the California privacy law, citing that the plaintiffs have failed to show in court what types of private information Zoom have shared with third-party entities. 

The latest decision does not spell for a complete victory for Zoom, though. 

The judge has given the plaintiffs to revise their allegations which will then be up for another review for the judge to discern whether to allow the legal proceedings with the new proposed measures. 

Regardless, the company will still face the allegations of it violating its contract with its users in court head-on. 

The on-going legal battle hounding Zoom is a result of a consolidated complaint from different lawsuits contending the company of illegal acts. 

About Zoom

Founded and headed by its CEO Eric Yuan, Zoom Video Communications, Inc. (simply referred to as Zoom in this feature) is a communications technology company based in San Jose, California. 

The company provides a variety of products and services to its users, but it is mainly known for its video conferencing service used by different business entities, organizations, and private individuals around the world. 

With the onslaught of the Coronavirus disease-2019 (COVID-19) pandemic, the company has made large gains and dominated its niche in the industry after tallying a revenue of $2.65 billion in 2020. 

Editor’s Note on Zoom Uninvited Users Class Action Lawsuit Win:

This news feature aims to update you on the latest development in the on-going class action lawsuit filed against video conferencing company Zoom.

Though scoring a minor legal victory, the company is still slated to face and defend itself in court for the allegations that it has broken its contract provisions with its users. 

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