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Ziploc Bags Performance Class Action Lawsuit

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Ziploc Bags Quality Class Action Lawsuit – Falsely Marketing Its Performance?

Ziploc Bags Are Not Superior Quality, Manufacturer Makes False Product Advertising Claims – Class Action

The company that makes Ziploc multipurpose storage solutions is facing a class action lawsuit claiming that it made untrue statements regarding the alleged more superior quality of its item. 

Errika Brown v. SC Johnson & Son Inc.

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Errika Brown filed a class action lawsuit against SC Johnson & Son Inc. The Wisconsin-based consumer products manufacturer is formally accused of tricking its buyers into thinking that its Ziploc products are better at storing belongings inside them compared to other similar products available in the market. 

Brown, according to the Ziploc Bags Quality Class Action Lawsuit, retorts that the defendant included marketing claims that allude that its Ziploc products meet industry standards. It is claimed by SC Johnson & Son that its bags are within the guidelines of the requirements of the ASTM D2582 PPT and ASTM D1709 Dart Drop tests. 

However, the mentioned tests are not even remotely relevant to the buyer’s use of the tested Ziploc bag products. 

Per the class action, the company’s advertising claims, including the words ‘Power Shield Technology’ and the like, are not true. 

More Details About The Case

Further, it is believed that the Ziploc bag maker has also raised false claims regarding the ability of Ziploc bags to retain the freshness of the products put inside them. The defendant uses a purported ‘Grip n’ Seal Technology’ to justify its claims of superior ability to retain product freshness based on moisture loss tests. 

Brown contends in the Ziploc Bags Quality Class Action Lawsuit that there are other factors at play that affect a food’s spoilage that the company failed to address in its marketing. 

In summary, had they known the truth, Brown and others would not have bought Ziploc bags (which are priced at a premium compared to other similar brands in the market) or would have paid less money for them. 

The lawsuit is a class action legal case filed in an Illinois federal court. Updates regarding the case will be posted here on Consider The Consumer. 

Editor’s Note on Ziploc Bags Quality Class Action Lawsuit:

This blog posting aims to provide you with the most recent information surrounding the legal case raised against the maker of Ziploc bags after it allegedly made false claims about their performance. We also suggest you the Fresh Finds Arabica Colombian Coffee Case.

Case Name(s) & No.(s): Errika Brown v. SC Johnson & Son Inc.; Case No.: 3:22-cv-50001

Jurisdiction: United States (U.S.) District Court for the Northern District of Illinois

Allegation(s): The defendant SC Johnson & Son Inc.’s marketing claims about its Ziplocs are not true and cannot live up to the everyday consumers’ expectations.  

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