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Zinus Mattresses Fiberglass Class Action Lawsuit

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Zinus Mattresses Fiberglass Class Action Lawsuit – Sleeping Aid Causes Physical & Financial Injuries…

Zinus Mattresses Can Leak Fiberglass Particles Into Household Environment, Lawsuit Says

When products are sold to the general public, they must be safe. If the items are unsafe and cause injury or property damage, the companies that designed, manufactured, and distributed these products to the public can be held liable in a lawsuit, as with the Zinus Mattresses Fiberglass Class Action case. 

In a newly filed class action lawsuit, consumers claim that the fiberglass particles contained within Zinus mattresses have seeped out, causing severe health consequences and pollution in their homes. More than 200 people across many states have joined the lawsuit against Zinus, whose mattresses are marketed at Target, Walmart, and online shops such as Amazon and eBay, among other outlets. 

Some plaintiffs in the Zinus Mattresses Fiberglass Class Action Lawsuit have reported instances of physical injuries in babies and toddlers. Zinus is criticized for failing to notify customers about the possibility of fiberglass leaking, resulting in unreported injuries and expensive house damage.

Fiberglass, a strong, lightweight material that consists of thin fibers of glass that can be transformed into a woven layer or used as reinforcement, is utilized as a fire retardant and/or insulator in mattresses and other products. Because of its diminutive size – a single fiberglass particle is usually measured in microns – it is frequently invisible to the human eye.

There is an extended range of possible health effects that may occur if exposed to fiberglass. While some of the problems may be short-term, others may have long-lasting consequences if left untreated. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), glass particles are harmful to the eyes, skin, and lungs. 

Even though fiberglass is non-carcinogenic, it may cause wounds and irritation. If inhaled, it can result in severe lung problems such as scarring, coughing, bronchitis, asthma, and other conditions. If you rub or scratch your eye, fiberglass may cause damage to the cornea and gastrointestinal problems if the fibers are accidentally ingested.

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has received several complaints over the years about fiberglass found in certain foam mattresses. However, the CPSC guidelines are performance-based, not design-based. Therefore, they do not call for the usage of particular materials or individual components to be used.

Plaintiffs Allegations: Failure To Provide Adequate Instructions for Safe Use of the Product

Fiberglass contamination from Zinus mattresses is said to have happened when owners unzipped the mattress cover to wash it. The fiberglass particles under the cover disperse throughout the house when the top layer is removed.  

Due to the presence of a zipper on the outer cover, lack of specificity in the mattresses’ warnings, and the absence of information regarding fiberglass, unaware customers believed the unzippable Zinus mattress cover was meant to be removed for cleaning.

As a result, impacted customers claim they were unprepared for or shielded against fiberglass pollution in their houses. Depending on the degree of the contamination, removing fiberglass from a residence may cost up to 20,000 dollars. Additionally, consumers may lose thousands of dollars in furniture, clothes, and other home goods due to fiberglass pollution. 

Zinus responds by denying any misconduct, stating that their mattresses are safe and comply with all applicable federal safety standards.

The Zinus Mattresses Fiberglass Class Action Lawsuit also raises major concerns regarding the nature of product safety testing. While certain product categories are subject to stringent rules and testing, others are exempt from safety requirements. 

Only approximately 70 of nearly 15,000 product categories regulated by the Consumer Product Safety Commission are required to adhere to a mandatory standard. 

For the most part, voluntary standards from independent organizations like Underwriters Laboratories and ASTM International regulate the remainder of the industry. 

Even though many of these regulations are thorough and well-researched, the fact that they are optional means that some firms choose to simply disregard them and conduct misleading marketing.

About the guest author:

Jonathan Sharp is the CFO at Environmental Litigation Group, P.C., a law firm founded in Birmingham, Alabama, in 1990 with the mission of providing quality legal services to clients that have suffered physical injuries as a consequence of exposure to hazardous substances. 

Since the attorneys at this company have a scientific background, they understand fiberglass pollution and how costly the cleaning procedure may be. 

They are also aware of the medical complications connected with fiberglass exposure, which can be just as expensive, if not costlier, which is why they provide quality legal representation to aid customers who have been wronged.

Editor’s Note on Zinus Mattresses Fiberglass Class Action Lawsuit:

This article is published in collaboration with ELG Law Firm and aims to share the details about consumers’ complaints against Zinus concerning its fiberglass mattresses’ alleged adverse effects on users.

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