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World Without Waste Class Action Lawsuit 2021 Coca Cola Greenwashing

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World Without Waste Class Action Lawsuit 2021 – Coca Cola Greenwashing By Contributing To Plastic Pollution?

Class Action: Coca-Cola Company Not Really Going Green; ‘World Without Waste’ Marketing Campaign Misleads Consumers

The Coca-Cola Company is facing the latest class action lawsuit filed by Earth Island Institute, an environmental protection group, with greenwashing allegations that the company’s World Without Waste marketing campaign is frivolous. 

Green Group Accuses Coke Maker Of Deceptive Marketing

Environmental group, Earth Island Institute, is accusing The Coca-Cola Company of greenwashing in relation to its ‘World Without Waste’ marketing campaign. Greenwashing is generally described as an act of falsely making an impression that a certain product or service is environmentally friendly. 

The plaintiff collective lamented that the food and beverage company’s marketing claims of saving Mother Earth through their business practices are untrue and misleading. 

Earth Island Institute contends that Coca-Cola’s claim of being a ‘Sustainable Business’ is outright false as well as the company’s ‘Sustainable Package Collection’ program. 

The Earth-friendly group argues that despite their advertising campaign stating that the company is making moves to make itself responsible for its plastic production, The Coca-Cola Company made little to no concrete efforts to truly minimize their impact on the environment.

The Coca-Cola Company Is Greenwashing

The plaintiff said that their claim was evident as Coca-Cola’s plastic wastes are spread everywhere one lays their eyes on. In fact, the company is listed once as one of the top producers of plastic items that end up polluting the environment. In addition, the company has vehemently opposed legislation aimed at curbing plastic pollution and promoting recycling. 

Even though the company has promised to protect the environment, it is reported that the company actually puts the responsibility of the proper disposal of plastics and the like to the everyday consumer. They did not even impose a goal on themselves to minimize the number of plastics they produce annually. 

The class action lawsuit argues that the blatant falsehoods and misrepresentations made by the company in their marketing campaign are tantamount to violating the law. Complainant Earth Island Institute is asking the court in their filing to immediately cease Coca-Cola’s World Without Waste marketing campaign to comply with the law.

About The Company

Coca-Cola  is the global leader in soft drink manufacturing headquartered in Georgia. Founded more than a hundred years ago, the company cemented its dominance in its market. As of 2019, The Coca-Cola Company has recorded revenues of more than $37.27 billion. CEO James Quincey manages the company as its top official. The company has a number of subsidiaries under its belt, such as Minute Maid, Costa Coffee, to name a few. 

Editor’s Note on World Without Waste Class Action Lawsuit 2021: 

This feature article is aimed to inform you of the latest class action filing The Coca-Cola Company is facing involving allegations of greenwashing and deceptive marketing practices.

Case Name(s) & No.: Earth Island Institute v. The Coca-Cola Company; Case No.: 2021CA001846B

Jurisdiction: Superior Court of the District of Columbia, Civil Division

Products/Services Involved: The Coca-Cola Company’s marketing

Allegation(s): The World Without Waste marketing campaign is not effective, and Coca-Cola is heavily greenwashing.

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