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WhatsApp New Privacy Policy Class Action Investigation

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WhatsApp New Privacy Policy Class Action Investigation – Data Sharing With FB?

WhatsApp Will Continue With Policy Changes Related to Privacy

WhatsApp Messenger, an American messaging service owned by Facebook, Inc., will implement their privacy policy updates despite disputes from customers.

Policy Changes

WhatsApp has notified its users in January that there will be updates on their privacy policy. The policy change is related to sharing data with its partner company, Facebook. 

WhatsApp users have received the prompt regarding the policy changes. 

While the changes have been communicated, users argue that they have not been given an option if they disagree with the update. 

7Multiple users have decided to discontinue using the app and have opted to download and use competitor apps, such as Telegram and Signal.

United States users of WhatsApp have not taken legal action against the company. However, users from other countries like India have begun taking legal action.

India Lawsuit Against WhatsApp

Indian users, WhatsApp’s biggest market, have taken legal action against the company’s policy changes.

WhatsApp has around 450 million users from India.

A petition was filed by Chaitanya Rohilla in Delhi High Court in February 2021. 

According to the petition, WhatsApp’s decision to require its Indian users to accept the changes is a violation of their privacy rights.

In addition, the petition also claims that it is also a possible threat to their national security. 

The petition claims that the changes will give the company a 360-degree profile of their user’s full online activity.

Turkey Investigation Against WhatsApp

Turkey’s government is also wary of the latest privacy changes to be implemented by WhatsApp. 

In January, Turkey’s Competition Board announced that it would launch an investigation on WhatsApp and Facebook.

The investigation seeks to determine how WhatsApp’s policy changes will impact its users.

WhatsApp’s Response

In response to India’s lawsuit, WhatsApp has decided to delay the implementation of their new policy to May.

The company has announced in February 2021 that it will delay the rollout of its changes. 

The company expects that delaying the implementation date will give users time to understand the changes’ coverage.

WhatsApp has also announced that it will add a banner in the application that will contain additional information regarding the changes.

The company adds that they are developing features that will allow them to shop with business. According to WhatsApp, this feature will be optional for users. 

WhatsApp Encryption

The company also confirms that its users’ messages will still be end-to-end encrypted.

The company asserts that some of its user’s data will not be shared regardless of the policy changes, including data related to contact sharing and location. 

WhatsApp attests that the privacy policy changes are only associated with the feature allowing users to message businesses.

WhatsApp argues that they will need limited sharing of data with Facebook to discover and shop with different businesses. 

The company claims that the changes are intended to support the increasing demand for online shopping.

Social media and messaging apps privacy policies have been garnering attention due to a recent lawsuit that has been filed against WeChat, a popular Chinese messaging app, for violating its users’ privacy laws.

Editor’s Note on WhatsApp New Privacy Policy Class Action Investigation:

This article is published to inform you of the latest privacy policy changes to be implemented by WhatsApp. Millions of consumers are against it and legal actions are been investigated. 

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