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Wendy’s ADA Class Action Lawsuit 2021

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Wendy’s ADA Class Action Lawsuit 2021 – No Facilities For Disabled Customers?

Wendy’s Restaurant Franchisers Violate Americans with Disabilities Act: Class Action

Wendy’s franchise holders in some states were slapped with a class action lawsuit alleging them of not complying with the law to better serve their disabled customers with special needs. 

Paralympian v. Manna Inc. and Bridgeman Foods II Inc. 

According to a report, Wendy’s franchising companies Manna Inc. and Bridgeman Foods II Inc. have allegedly failed to provide services that comply with the federal Americans with Disabilities Act or ADA. The said companies reportedly have and manage locations throughout different areas in Kentucky, Wisconsin, and Tennessee. 

The lead plaintiff in Wendy’s ADA Class Action Lawsuit 2021 is aspiring Paralympian Chance Wollbrinck. He shared that he went to a Wendy’s location managed by one of the companies in Wisconsin to buy himself his favorite Baconator meal product offered by the fast-food chain company. 

However, the visit ended up being not a pleasurable experience for Wollbrinck, for he allegedly encountered a handful of difficulties while accessing the store’s facilities. It was alleged that Wendy’s location specifically lacked safety features geared towards disabled people with exceptionalities like him. 

Wollbrinck uses a wheelchair to navigate himself in his surroundings as he goes about his daily chores and tasks. But, as the whole ordeal with Wendy’s showed, the company allegedly did not make their facilities accessible for people with special needs as mandated by the law. He added that the non-presence of key features makes it harder and less safe for people like him to visit Wendy’s locations. 

Violations Present In Many Stores

It is noteworthy that as the complainant looked into other Wendy’s locations, he found out that there were major deficiencies in their accessibility geared towards disabled people. Many Wendy’s locations reportedly have improperly constructed ramp platforms, potholes, and the like, limiting the stores’ accessibility. 

Plaintiff Wollbrinck wants to form and represent a Class consisting of consumers like him throughout the United States who experienced accessibility barriers in a Wendy’s location owned by Bridgeman Foods II Inc. or Manna Inc. He is also asking the court to order the two defendants to pay up monetary compensation for the injuries and damages they have caused to their customers and Class Members. 

Additionally, the Wendy’s ADA Class Action Lawsuit 2021 is seeking to force the two franchise holders to comply with the provisions of the ADA to serve better and protect the best interests of people with disabilities. 

About The Defendants

Manna Inc. is a company that affiliates itself with a number of restaurant chains and brands. The company mainly operates Wendy’s locations in the country. They also handle a handful of others ranging from Fazoli food establishments to Golden Corral Buffet places. 

On the other hand, Bridgeman Foods II Inc. is a company that associates itself with the fast-food industry. The company also owns and manages numerous Wendy’s restaurant branches in the country. Currently, the company has more than a thousand employees under its direct management. 

Editor’s Note on Wendy’s ADA Class Action Lawsuit 2021: 

This feature discussed the class action lawsuit filed against two of Wendy’s franchise operators for allegedly violating the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Case Name(s) & No.(s): Chance Wollbrinck v. Bridgeman Foods II Inc. et al.; Case No.: 2:21-cv-00724

Jurisdiction: United States District Court for the Eastern District of Wisconsin

Products/Services Involved: Facilities for disabled people

Allegation(s): Wendy’s operators violated the ADA by not providing appropriate safeguards and services geared for individuals with special needs. 

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