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Wells Fargo Strict Dress Code Class Action Lawsuit 2021

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Wells Fargo Strict Dress Code Class Action Lawsuit 2021 – Employees Spent Too Much On Dry Cleaning…

Wells Fargo Employees Claim For Damages Due To Strict Dress Code

Case Name & No.: Caudley S., et al. v. Wells Fargo Bank, National Association, 2:20-cv-00211, United States District Court for the Central District of California

Products/Services: Company employee policies

Allegations: Violation of California labor laws resulting in financial damages to employees

Status: Pending

Caudley Simon, the lead plaintiff, filed the class action lawsuit against Wells Fargo in December 2019.

The lead plaintiff is a former employee of the company. He alleges that Wells Fargo employees incurred financial damages amounting to hundreds of dollars because of the company’s dress code.

He adds that the strict dress code required employees to pay for dry cleaning. 

Caudley claims that the company infringed the California labor laws. 

He complains that the company did not provide sufficient breaks to its employees. 

He states that some workers did not receive paper wage statements from the company.

The class action lawsuit seeks to represent Wells Fargo employees residing in California who suffered damages due to its rules.

Motion to Certify Class

In March 2021, the company employees filed for a motion at a California federal court requesting the judge to certify the class. 

According to the motion request, the class will compose of five groups. 

It is estimated that at least 6,000 individuals will qualify as class members of the class action lawsuit.

Some of the class groups in the motion include the following:

  • Personal Appearance Policy Class – The class is for employees who paid for dry cleaning and purchasing outfits due to the company’s strict dress code.
  • Workers appeal for the judge to identify if Wells Fargo should pay for the employees’ financial burden brought about by their dress code.
  • Employees who did not receive paper wage statements from payments made through direct deposits.
  • Hourly non-exempt employees
  • Employees who were not able to record their breaks in the timekeeping system.
  • Workers assert that the system they are using only allows them to record breaks that were not taken. It did not account for breaks that were shortened. They request the judge to certify the class if it violated laws and if affected employees should be compensated.

The lead plaintiff asks for the judge to certify the five classes. He adds that it will benefit employees who are suffering and are still working for the company.

Related Lawsuits

Aside from this class action lawsuit, multiple cases were filed against the company by its employees and customers.

Wells Fargo has agreed to pay $20 million in June 2020 to settle allegations that the company did not grant loans to individuals with “Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals.”

The company has acknowledged paying out a $2 million settlement in February 2021 to resolve a lawsuit claiming that the company did not pay its mortgage consultants properly.

In March 2021, Wells Fargo was also sued by a man in his 70s. The plaintiff alleges that the company has discriminated against him for his age because he was asked to pay for an account fee that younger individuals are not required to pay.

Editor’s Note on Wells Fargo Strict Dress Code Class Action Lawsuit 2021:

This article is published to give you the latest update on the class action lawsuit filed against Wells Fargo due to strict dress code rules.

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