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Wells Fargo Everyday Checking Account Class Action Lawsuit

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Wells Fargo Everyday Checking Account Class Action Lawsuit – Banking Fee Policy Discriminatory Against Older People?

Wells Fargo is in another legal debacle, this time after being accused of age discrimination by an elderly complainant from California. 

According to a report, plaintiff Jimmy A. Sutton is accusing the company of violating California’s Unruh Civil Rights Act after the bank has charged the septuagenarian more for his account’s undue fees compared to younger account holders.

Plaintiff Sutton is pertaining to Wells Fargo’s banking policy of waiving the fees of its customers aged between 17 and 24 years old holding an Everyday Checking Account. 

He details that he opened an Everyday Checking Account with the bank after he turned 74. His previous account with Wells Fargo has changed, and he was seeking to avoid paying a monthly fee. 

Upon application for a new account after getting the bank employees’ recommendation, he was appalled by the bank’s policy of waving fees for younger customers. 

Sutton has asked bank representatives about it and got an answer back saying that the policy aims to attract younger people who like to pay less banking fees. 

According to Sutton’s complaint, this is Well Fargo’s way of doing discriminatory pricing based on a person’s age to maximize its company profits at the expense of aggrieved customers. 

In his complaint, he also shared that he was continuously getting charged at a higher rate monthly and tried to contest this with representatives. 

The plaintiff has received a small success after the company has agreed to reverse the payment for a few months but not all of them. 

Filed in the Northern District of California-San Jose, the Wells Fargo Age Discrimination Monthly Fees Class Action Lawsuit is asking the company to pay up $4,000 for each offense of discrimination towards plaintiff Sutton, along with monetary damages and payment of other related fees to the legal proceedings. 

Sutton is seeking to establish and certify a class of similarly situated customers in order to represent their interest alongside his in court. 

Wells Fargo has been in trouble in the past for a variety of reasons, all stemming from different allegations brought up by its customers. 

It has paid up millions of dollars to settle several class action lawsuits hurled against it by individuals claiming it of fraudulent and malicious acts – from not paying its own mortgage consultants and other workers to systematically denying certain individuals of important loans and financial credit based on biased prejudices. 

Editor’s Note on Wells Fargo Everyday Checking Account Class Action Lawsuit:

This piece is aimed at informing you of the latest legal debacle banking giant Wells Fargo is facing after a California complainant has raised his concerns about the bank’s fee policy and how it was discriminatory towards older individuals. 

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