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Wells Fargo Discrimination Class Action Lawsuit Consider The Consumer

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Miami Law Firm To Represent Real Estate Developer in Wells Fargo Discrimination Incident

More on the Wells Fargo Discrimination Class Action:

Florida-based Beck and Lee Trial Lawyers have announced that they will handle and represent Ernst Valery’s in his Wells Fargo Discrimination Class Action Lawsuit after he has reportedly experienced discrimination from Wells Fargo over skin color. 

Due to the discrimination, Valery has filed a class action lawsuit against Wells Fargo according to a report appearing on Yahoo! Finance’s website. 

Valery is a well-known and highly-respected real estate developer that mainly handles projects that aim to serve low-income and underserved minority communities in different states all over the country. They were even featured in a local Baltimore-based news outlet for their commendable career in the real estate development industry. 

The alleged incident happened when Valery, along with his partner, tried depositing a check at a local Wells Fargo branch. A patron of the bank with multiple accounts already filed under his name, Valery expected to have a smooth transaction that day, however, not all went according to plan after the branch’s manager began to question the real estate developer validity. 

There are already many reported incidents concerning discriminatory treatment by staff and employees of Wells Fargo towards banking clients of color. Valery is seeking to hold the bank giant accountable for its alleged systemic racist practices. 

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