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Welch's Light Grape Juice Class Action Lawsuit

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Welch’s Light Grape Juice Class Action Lawsuit – Misleading Consumers Through Artificial Ingredients

Welch’s Light Grape Juice Contains Artificial Flavoring, Manufacturer Misled Consumers – Class Action

Are you a fan of bottled fruit juices? Are you aware of what goes inside of your favorite bottled fruit juice? 

Some health-conscious people want their fruit juices to be as natural as possible with little to no traces of artificial ingredients. 

And many companies in the market have been riding on this audiences’ taste buds by offering the product that they are looking for. 

However, one of the companies that are a known manufacturer is in trouble for allegedly misleading customers of its product’s true ingredients properties. 

According to a recently proposed class action lawsuit, Welch Foods Inc. is faced with allegations of misconstruing its products’ facts. 

They purportedly claim that it does not have any artificial flavors in its Welch’s juice products, yet the truth is the opposite. 

The class action additionally claims that instead, the company uses malic acid, an artificially-sourced chemical flavoring used to stimulate the natural fruit flavors present in their product lineup. 

The malic acid, which is present in the product’s ingredients list, is not taken from natural sources, the lawsuit stressed. Rather, it is taken from a petrochemical company.

The presence of artificial flavoring should be clearly stated in the product’s labeling, yet the company has purposely misled consumers into thinking the opposite. 

This is done by both textual and visual imagery, such as the dominant display of fruits and the claims clearly stating that they don’t contain any artificial flavoring. 

The company does this to the packaging of their Welch’s juice products, including their Welch’s Light Concord Grape Juice Beverage and Light White Grape Juice Beverage. 

Ergo, Welch Foods Inc. is then liable for the violation of federal and state laws after it misbranded its Welch juice product, along with the strict food labeling regulations set up after it failed to specifically state the artificial flavoring used in their products, per the lawsuit claims. 

According to different federal and state consumer protection laws, if a product contains any artificial ingredients, flavoring included, it should be properly labeled and disclosed on both front and back labels of the product. 

Filed in the United States District Court Southern District of California, have the plaintiffs, along with other consumers known this, they would not have bought Welch’s Light juice products. 

About Welch Foods Inc. 

Welch’s, or referred to as Welch Foods Inc. in this feature, is an American foods and beverages company based in Massachusetts. 

Founded in 1869, the company has grown to a reputable company with great household recognition developed throughout the years. 

Welch’s is owned by the National Grape Cooperative Association for almost 65 years now. 

Per publicly available information, the company has made an estimated $100 to $500 million in revenue as of writing. 

Editor’s Note on Welch’s Light Grape Juice Class Action Lawsuit:

This feature is published to give you an update of the latest class action Welch’s Light Grape Juice products have no artificial flavoring in them, yet the actual truth is completely different. 

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