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Weight Watchers Auto Renewal Class Action Lawsuit consider the consumer

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Weight Watchers Auto Renewal Class Action Lawsuit Filed

Weight Watchers Facing Heat for Their Auto Renewal Programs

As fitness programs and fitness in general continues to move into the tech industry, fitness companies have to keep up!

Weight Watchers is one of these companies that have this in mind, however, some consumers have complained that the company’s tech is one too many steps ahead.

Consumers are alleging that Weight Watchers host an unlawful automatic renewal program for its Weight Watchers products.

What To Know More About the Weight Watchers Auto Renewal Lawsuit

Consumers can use the company’s website or mobile apps to sign up for their membership programs:

  • Digital Membership – includes meal tracking, curated fitness, and mindset content
  • Workshop Membership – includes in-person wellness checks
  • Coaching Membership – includes a personal coach to help members achieve their goals and action plans

The company also requires customers to input their billing details when signing up, which means Weight Watchers can charge their members’ payment methods as soon as they make the payments, which will usually be on a monthly basis.

The lawsuit further alleges that the company has increased its revenue by assertively charging customers renewal fees without their explicit consent when their subscription ends, as a lot of members are unaware of the recurring charge or even unable to cancel their accounts.

People would only know that they were being charged once WW sends them an email letting them know that there is a problem with the payment method they chose. The email was complete with noticeable font formats and easy-to-see directions on how to change their payment information.

The plaintiffs also allege that if the auto-renewal process was made that easy, WW will not be having problems with a class-action lawsuit. California’s auto-renewal laws require companies to make the cancellation process easy for people who sign-up for their products and services.

The case further claims that the laws require companies to put in clear and concise terms, such as how to cancel a service or if the service is automatically charged to the consumer. The law also asks that companies must get explicit consent before charging a consumer.

Editor’s note on the Weight Watchers Auto Renewal Class Action Lawsuit:

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