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Walmart Glucosamine Joint Supplement Class Lawsuit Investigation

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Walmart Glucosamine Joint Supplement Class Lawsuit Investigation – Walmart Mislabeling Its Products? Join Now!

Authorities Look Into Misrepresentation Claims On Walmart Joint Supplement Product 

Do you or someone you personally know is experiencing joint pains? Many people who want to find some sort of relief tend to seek solutions available to them. 

This includes the use of supplements purportedly useful in alleviating the pain and improving the condition they are currently afflicted with. 

However, customers who have bought a certain joint supplement product ended up not attaining the promised benefits they had hoped for. 

The product in question is Walmart’s Glucosamine joint supplement offering. 

Sold under the brand name Spring Valley, the supplement is alleged to have been purposely mislabeled, and the actual nature of the product was misrepresented through its label. 

Authorities and legal professionals in the United States are currently looking into the claims mentioned above to determine whether filing a class action lawsuit is necessary and appropriate. 

Specifically, they are looking into the claims that Walmart has misrepresented the ingredient present in its glucosamine joint supplement product. 

The retailer claims that its Spring Valley glucosamine joint supplement contains glucosamine sulfate. 

Though glucosamine is not yet fully understood in the scientific community, experts believe that glucosamine sulfate is the most effective type of glucosamine that aids people suffering from some forms of knee pains and osteoarthritis. 

Yet, according to reports, the product actually contains a different type of glucosamine – an ingredient known as glucosamine hydrochloride. 

Though the product’s label indicates that it indeed contains glucosamine sulfate, independent laboratory tests indicate otherwise; instead, showing traces of glucosamine hydrochloride. 

Many customers pay a premium for the product believing that it contained the more superior and effective glucosamine ingredient for their ailments. But they end up getting the less effective ingredient in their joint supplement. 

If proven to have been mislabeled and/or misrepresented by the manufacturing company and supplier, government agencies such as the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and Federal Trade Commission (FTC) can step in and sanction erring business entities. 

While authorities from the FTC and FDA have not acted on the allegations yet, as a consumer, you can raise your rights and file a legal complaint against Walmart for the aforementioned mislabeling and misrepresentation concerns. 

If you or a loved one that you know has bought a bottle, or two of Spring Valley glucosamine joint supplements for their ailments, both of you may have legal standing in a forthcoming case. 

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Editor’s Note on Walmart Glucosamine Joint Supplement Class Lawsuit Investigation:

This article features the latest investigation authorities are conducting concerning Walmart and its joint supplement product. 

It is alleged that Walmart is not making appropriate representations on their Spring Valley glucosamine joint supplement – ending up consumers thinking that they are getting a product that they have paid extra money for. 

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