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Walgreens Minoxidil Price Class Action Lawsuit Charging Extra To Women

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Walgreens Minoxidil Price Class Action Lawsuit – Charging Extra To Women…

Class Action Accuse Walgreens Of Discriminatory Pricing Tactics Aimed At Women 

American nationwide retailer business Walgreens is being charged in a class action lawsuit of unfairly treating women by imposing a hefty price tag on similar products that are available for men as well. 

Men Pay Less While Women Pay More For Same Hair Product

Walgreens is facing a class action lawsuit in California after a complainant has argued that they are charging women more money compared to their male counterparts with regards to the same items.

The product in question is Walgreen’s offering of its hair growth treatment named Minoxidil Topical Aerosol 5% (Foam), Hair Regrowth Treatment for Women. 

Bridgette Lowe, the complainant in the case, argued that the women’s version of the hair solution treatment is more expensive than the same product targeted at men. 

Walgreens allegedly designed its products’ packaging and marketing to its female consumer base in order to suggest that women’s products are specially designed and formulated. 

This is done in a bid to justify the higher price being imposed on women customers. 

Lowe said the minoxidil hair tonic is said to cost 1.5 times more than the men’s version of the product. 

It is noteworthy that both products contained the same active ingredient, minoxidil 5%, yet they are marketed in different manners and priced differently. 

Potential Liability To The Law

Plaintiff Lowe is suing Walgreens for violating the Unruh Civil Rights Act in California, which prohibits business entities from introducing discriminatory pricing tactics to customers based on their gender or sex. 

She’s also forwarding claims that the company has violated other false advertising and consumer protection laws in the state. 

A California Class is yet to be approved by the court along with other wishes of the complainant, including payment for damages and other related fees to barring the retailer from discriminatory pricing tactics based on sex or gender. 

The Walgreens Minoxidil Price Class Action Lawsuit to be filed against Walgreens has shown one of the concrete instances wherein women are disenfranchised. 

Known as ‘pink taxes,’ these are additional charges placed on top of traditional women products by companies compared to items targeted for men. 

On average, females shell out 13% more money when they are buying products that companies usually tag as specifically targeted for them. 

Walgreens is just one of those companies that have been slapped with a court challenge to question their illegal pricing methods. 

About Walgreens

Walgreens, or officially known as the Walgreens Company, is the second-largest pharmacy store in the United States. The company is under its parent organization Walgreens Boots Alliance. They have over 9,000 locations spread across the country. 

Editor’s Note on Walgreens Minoxidil Price Class Action Lawsuit: 

This article aims to give you the latest news on the class action lawsuit alleging that retail giant Walgreen is enforcing ‘pink taxes’ on one of their products. 

Case Name(s) & No.: Brigette Lowe v. Walgreens Boots Alliance Inc. et al.; Case No.: 3:21-cv-02852

Jurisdiction: United States District Court for the Northern District of California

Products/Services Involved: Minoxidil hair growth tonic

Allegation(s): Walgreens is asking women to pay more for the same hair treatment product compared to men 

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