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Verizon And Asurion Hidden Charges Class Action Lawsuit

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Verizon And Asurion Hidden Charges Class Action Lawsuit 2021

Telecommunication company Verizon, and Asurion, an insurance and warranty provider, were charged with a class action lawsuit due to allegations that the companies added extra charges to their customer’s bills.

The Class Action Lawsuit

The lead plaintiff, Stephen Simoni, filed the class action lawsuit against Verizon and Asurion in a New Jersey federal court in March 2021.

The class action lawsuit asserts that Verizon and Asurion have imposed additional charges without their customer’s knowledge and acknowledgment.

It also seeks to represent customers who had a similar experience with the companies. 

It is estimated that the total number of class members will be over 150,000 individuals, with a total proposed settlement amounting to more than $10 million.

Plaintiff Allegations

Stephen Simoni claims that he owns a Verizon wireless phone that got damaged in 2019. 

He states that he reached out to Asurion, Verizon’s carrier, to claim the insurance coverage of his phone.

The lead plaintiff argues that Asurion’s agent has offered him to buy a monthly subscription plan called “Smart Home Support.” 

The agent allegedly told Simoni that the plan insures all of his other household devices.

He adds that the Asurion agent has informed him that a confirmation email will be sent to him containing more details about the plan and its coverage. 

In addition, the agent also allegedly notified him that he could cancel the plan at any time.

However, the complainant attests that he did not receive an email from Asurion containing proof that the transaction happened. 

Therefore, the lead plaintiff assumed that he did not make any purchase of the plan.

Despite this, Simoni argues that he was charged for the Smart Home Support plan in his Verizon bill. 

Since Verizon has converted to a paperless bill, the lead plaintiff did not know that he has been paying for the additional plan for almost a year. 

He claims that he only discovered the additional charges when the company sent a paper receipt for his newly purchased Verizon wireless phone. 

He argues that the company had not refunded a significant amount of his loss from paying the additional charge when he complained about his case.

The lead plaintiff alleges that Verizon and Asurion colluded to deceive its customers into paying for hidden charges by not sending contracts and taking advantage of paperless billing.

Related Class Action Lawsuit

In December 2020, the lead plaintiff Stephen Simoni already filed a class action lawsuit against Verizon due to similar claims on hidden extra charges.

The lawsuit asserts that Verizon did not provide any contract that will inform customers of the additional charges, which breaches New Jersey’s Consumer Fraud Act.

This lawsuit only covers individuals residing in Wyoming, similar to the lead plaintiff, whose Verizon bills had extra charges without their knowledge. 

The bill has to be within the past six years, and the charges have to be charged without a written contract or the customer’s knowledge.

The class action lawsuit did not include Asurion as a defendant. However, the lead plaintiff voluntarily withdrew this case and filed the new class action lawsuit against the two companies.

Editor’s Note on Verizon And Asurion Hidden Charges Class Action Lawsuit:

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