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United Airlines Travel Guard Insurance Class Action

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United Airlines Travel Guard Insurance Class Action 2021 – Selling Useless Insurances That Are Free…

Passenger Sues United Airlines And Others For Tricking Him Into Buying Useless Travel Insurance

United Airlines is being sued by complainant William Arce in court in connection with allegations that the company, along with its cohorts, has committed many serious breaches of the law concerning their travel insurance offering. 

The class action lawsuit filing revolved around the complaint that United Airlines is still trying to sell their Travel Guard insurance policy on their official site though there is no apparent need for it at all. 

The air travel company’s Travel Guard travel insurance was advertised and marketed by the company as a means for its travelers to protect themselves from unexpected cancellations and unanticipated charges. 

United Airlines has continued to market the said insurance to their customers on their site when they are in the process of booking a flight with them. 

Yet, according to Arce, there is no need to push consumers to avail of this insurance, for United Airlines has ceased charging their customers on cancellations and changes. 

The plaintiff shared that he booked a flight ticket with the company in April this year for a trip overseas. 

When he was at the airline’s official booking portal, he was presented with an option to avail of United Airlines’ Travel Guard flight insurance policy and was presented with its benefits. 

Believing the representations made by the company, he ended up buying the policy that cost him more than $50. 

It was only soon that he found out that the company has issued an announcement stating that they are planning to waive the fees that were covered in the Travel Guard insurance in the case of flight changes or cancellations. 

However, despite the announcement, the United Airlines and other defendants in the case continued to allegedly mislead air travelers of false representations revolving around the Travel Guard insurance and its necessity for air travel. 

The class action also speculated that the defendants are continuing to push customers into buying the useless travel insurance policies to make more profits and receive commissions. 

More Information About The Class Action

The United Airlines Travel Guard Insurance Class Action Lawsuit is seeking to establish a Class consisting of United Airlines customers all over the United States who have fallen victims to the company’s allegedly deceptive marketing ploys. 

A subclass that would cover New Jersey-based United Airlines customers is also being proposed. 

Arce is asking the court to hold United Airlines and the other defendants liable to different counts of unjust enrichment, fraud, and negligent misrepresentation. He is also contending that they also violated several good faith statutes. 

About United Airlines

United Airlines, officially known as United Airlines, Inc., is one of the key airline companies in the United States headed by their CEO Scott Kirby. 

Based in Willis Tower, Chicago, Illinois, the airline company’s fleet of passenger and cargo planes fly in different cities across the United States. They also offer overseas flights covering major destinations across all of the continents except Antarctica.  

Editor’s Note on United Airlines Travel Guard Insurance Class Action 2021 – Selling Useless Insurances That Are Free: 

This feature aims to provide details of the class action lawsuit filed against United Airlines and other co-defendants for alleged misdemeanors involving the way they market their Travel Guard insurance policies to customers. 

Case Name(s) & No.: William Arce v. Travel Guard Group, Inc., et al.; Case No. 2:21-cv-11741 

Jurisdiction: United States District Court for the District of New Jersey 

Products/Services Involved: Travel Guard travel insurance policy

Allegation(s): The Travel Guard travel insurance policy being advertised by United Airlines and other companies is not useful. Customers end up getting deceived by the misleading representations made about it.

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