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U.S. Fake Honey Class Action Lawsuit

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U.S. Fake Honey Class Action Lawsuit – Multiple Companies Conspired To Dominate The Market With Fake Honey

Class Action Lawsuit Claims Fake Honey Is Being Sold In The Market

Multiple companies were charged with a nationwide class action lawsuit alleging that they have worked together to sell fake honey in the U.S. market.

The class action lawsuit was filed against various honey importers and companies in March 2021 in a California federal court.

The plaintiffs allege that the companies have conspired to sell fake honey in the market. The practice has allegedly caused harm to the business of beekeepers.

They included multiple companies, including SAVE Golden Prairie Honey Farms, LLC, Henry’s Bullfrog Bees, and Adee Honey Farms.

The class action lawsuit was charged against multiple companies, including:

  • Barkman Honey LLC
  • Dutch Gold Honey, Inc.
  • Intertek Testing Services NA Inc.
  • Lamex Foods Inc.
  • NSF International
  • Sunland Trading Inc.
  • True Source Honey LLC

Plaintiffs Allegations

The plaintiffs assert that True Source Honey LLC has insisted that they only certify natural and authentic honey. 

They add that the companies involved were some of the biggest importers of honey in the U.S. market and have continually claimed that what they are selling is pure and real honey.

However, the lead plaintiffs argue that the honey they sell is fake. 

They contend that the companies have intentionally deceived their customers about the quality of the honey they have sold over the years.

The complainants declare that the defendants have worked together in implementing fraudulent business practices to take over the honey market. 

Their actions, which include blocking genuine honey from being sold in the market, have harmed both beekeepers and consumers.

They declare that the companies have sold the fake honey at a lower price point to prevent genuine honey from being sold in the market. 

The fake honey was also mislabeled as genuine, which has tricked consumers into buying them.

The lead plaintiffs attest that since the fake honey was labeled as certified by True Source, customers choose to purchase over natural honey that is at a higher price point, which has caused significant loss in their business, including 6 million pounds of authentic honey that were not sold by Adee Honey Farms.

Fake Honey

The class action asserts that honey is ranked as third for the most faked foods in the United States. It adds that more than 50% of the honey available in the market is fake.

It states that authentic honey should be made naturally from bees and should not include additives. It argues that imitation honey contained additives, including sugar.

It also declares that multiple factors have caused the decrease in natural honey production, including climate change, pesticides, and disasters. 

Despite this, the demand for importing and exporting honey has continually increased. 

However, most of the honey imported and exported in the market is of low quality because they are fake.

The class action lawsuit maintains that the government’s lack of strict rules and regulations to oversee the honey industry has resulted in companies like True Source to certify and allow imitation honey to enter and dominate the market.

It contends that the defendants’ deceitful actions and wrongful collaboration have violated multiple laws, including the California Cartwright Act and Unfair Competition Law, the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act, and the Sherman Antitrust Act.

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Case Name & No.: Henry’s Bullfrog Bees, et al. v. Sunland Trading, Inc., et al., 2:21-at-00296, U.S. District Court Eastern District of California

Products/Services: Fake honey

Allegations: Multiple companies conspired to sell fake honey in the U.S. market

Status: Pending

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