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Twinings Of London Tea's Origin Class Action Lawsuit 2021 - Not From London

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Twinings Of London Tea’s Origin Class Action Lawsuit 2021 – Made In China & Poland?

Class Action: Twinings Of London Tea Not Made In The UK, Actually From China And Poland 

A recent class-action lawsuit is claiming that Twinings of London tea is not from the United Kingdom, and its country of origin is actually falsely represented by the company behind it. 

Patricia Mangels Sues Twinings North America Inc. 

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According to reports, the Twinings Of London Tea’s Origin Class Action Lawsuit is accusing Twinings North America, Inc. of misleading its customers of where its tea brand is from. 

Filed by lead plaintiff Patricia Mangels in a Missouri federal court, the class action argued that the Twinings of London Tea marketed and sold outside the United Kingdom is not made in the country but instead in China or Poland. With this, Mangels contended that the tea company did not properly disclose this information to its customers. 

Furthermore, she retorted that the company ended up using potentially misleading marketing tactics to make customers like her believe that Twinings of London tea is manufactured in London. 

The brand reportedly used different marketing strategies such as labels and imagery to enunciate that the Twinings of London tea product is indeed from the United Kingdom. They included using the brand name “Twinings of London,” an address in the United Kingdom, and others. 

Complainant Patricia Mangels is claiming that had she and other customers knew about the actual origin of Twinings of London tea brand, they would not have bought the said product or paid a higher price.

Class Action Brief 

The Twinings Of London Tea’s Origin Class Action Lawsuit is seeking to form and represent a Class group consisting of tea buyers from Missouri who ended up believing in the alleged misrepresentations made by Twinings North America Inc. in regards to their tea’s actual country of origin. 

In addition to that, Mangels wants the court to order the company to cease its purported trickery towards their buyers and set the record straight regarding where their tea product is from. 

Editor’s Note on Twinings Of London Tea’s Origin Class Action Lawsuit 2021: 

This feature article reports on the class-action lawsuit filed against tea company Twinings North America Inc. after they allegedly misled their buyers about their tea product’s actual country of origin. 

Case Name(s) & No.: Patricia Mangels v. Twinings North America, Inc.; Case No: 2:21-cv-04138-WJE

Jurisdiction: United States District Court for the Western District of Missouri

Products/Services Involved: Twinings of London Tea

Allegation(s): Twinings of London tea is not made in the UK as what its makers want customers to know. 

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