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Details on the Trader Joe's Cereal Class Action Lawsuit Consider The Consumer

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Trader Joe Fails To Disclose What’s Actually in Their Vanilla Almond Clusters Cereal

Details on the Trader Joe’s Cereal Class Action Lawsuit

A Class Action Lawsuit was filed against Trader Joe’s in relation to their Vanilla Almond Clusters cereal, which, allegedly, misleads consumers to believe that the vanilla taste comes from real vanilla beans, when, in fact, it comes from artificial flavoring.

Claims include customers being led to believe the words on the company’s cereal box that the Vanilla Almond Clusters cereals are flavored by vanilla beans from the vanilla plant.

The cost of the high demand for natural vanilla

As more people are looking to get products with natural vanilla ingredients, and there is a shortage of supply because of the ever-changing climate, this lawsuit believes that it has caused companies to cut corners when using vanilla in their products.

Vanilla can be extremely expensive and poses a risk for food fraud if you consider the cost and factors that may affect its quality and availability. There are companies that pass off lower quality ingredients as the real thing and customers end up paying more than they should!

The US Food and Drug Administration has implemented rules to fight the increasing contamination of vanilla with cheap substitutes. It also includes requiring any flavors that are not from the vanilla plant to be properly disclosed as artificial flavors on the front label of the product, according to the complaint.

Further tests, according to the plaintiffs, prove that ethyl vanillin, a synthetic and artificial ingredient, is four times more potent than the vanilla people get from vanilla beans. This ingredient is where most of the product’s vanilla flavor comes from.

In short, the lawsuit claims that if consumers were fully aware of the ingredients in Trader Joe’s Vanilla Almond Clusters cereal, they likely would not have bought the product in the first place.

Editor’s note on the Trader Joe’s Cereal Class Action Lawsuit:

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