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Toxic Baby Food Manufacturers Vs FDA

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Toxic Baby Food Manufacturers Vs FDA – What’s Happening?

American Baby Food Companies In Trouble As Authorities Double Down On Food Safety Concerns 

Several baby food manufacturers have been slapped with different lawsuits after authorities have published a damning report exposing the presence of toxic heavy metals in most of their products. 

The report in question is the one released by the United States (U.S.) House of Representatives Subcommittee on Economic and Consumer Policy. 

It published that certain baby food products found on store shelves across America have traces of deadly substances in them, including mercury, arsenic, cadmium, and lead. 

These heavy metals, the report adds, endanger the neurological development of a young infant when exposed to them. 

The Congressional report shares that most companies have issues with their in-house testing procedures, which lead to them not detecting or even grossly underestimating the presence of such harmful substances in their products. 

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the country’s top authority for the safety of certain consumer products, has promised to look into the matter. 

Though the agency did not directly cite the findings on the Congressional report, it has reiterated that it is committed to working under its mandate of ensuring food safety being enjoyed by the average American citizen. 

Furthermore, the FDA also shared that it closely monitors the matter and is working closely with manufacturers, including baby food companies, all over the country under its compliance program. 

It reassured consumers that once they found out a company has violations, necessary steps such as court actions and product recalls will be initiated.

As of press time, the country’s top baby food manufacturers are facing complaints filed by concerned complainants citing the released Congressional report. 

Companies such as Beech-Nut, Gerber, and Plum Organics are all facing different class action lawsuits across different courts in the country. 

In these complaints, plaintiffs argue that these companies did not properly disclose the presence of these harmful chemicals in their products though they know the whole truth about it.

Thus, this misleads and deceives consumers and also potentially harms infants all over the U.S. They are all seeking to form several Classes to represent in court. 

As of writing, the aforementioned baby food companies have stressed that their baby food products are safe for infant consumption, and they did not do anything wrong with regards to failing to properly disclose their product’s ingredients. 

Editor’s Note on Toxic Baby Food Manufacturers Vs FDA:

This feature is published to inform you of the latest news regarding the allegedly contaminated baby food products and FDA authorities are acting on them. 

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