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Topco Flushable Wipes Class Action Lawsuit 2021

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Topco Flushable Wipes Class Action Lawsuit 2021 – Are They Really Flushable?

Topco’s Flushable Wipes Are Not Really “Flushable”: Class Action 

A New York resident is suing Topco after the company has allegedly falsely advertised its Topco flushable wipes product is safe to use and flush in the toilet, but in fact, it caused clogs and damages their home’s sewage. 

Kimberley Bradley shared that she bought Topco’s Tippy Toes Flushable Wipes in a store in Newburgh, New York, believing the company’s claims that it is safe to flush in the toilet after using it. 

Bradley said that she followed the instructions on how to properly use it found in the product’s packaging. 

Expecting that the flushable wipes would dissolve after being flushed in the toilet, she instead ended up damaging her home’s sewage system with the flushable wipes. 

Now needing to pay a handsome amount of money to a plumber to fix the issues, Bradley believes that Topco should be held liable for duping customers like her. 

Serving as the plaintiff, Bradley filed the Topco Flushable Wipes Class Action Lawsuit in a federal court in the state of New York. 

The class action claims that the term “flushable” that the company has used to advertise its product is commonly understood by customers as suited to be disposed of by flushing them in the toilet.

However, numerous shreds of evidence produced by a handful of research throughout the years cited that most of the flushable wipes in the market do not disintegrate when flushed in the toilet. 

Yet, companies like Topco and others still continue to release “flushable” wipe products in the market and even charge a higher price on it than traditional toilet paper alternatives. 

Filed in the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York, the Topco Flushable Wipes Class Action Lawsuit is seeking the court to grant their request for a nationwide Class consisting of customers who have bought Topco’s “flushable” wipes alongside a New York subclass. 

Bradley is accusing the company of violating legal business practices and breach of warranty. 

Editor’s Note on Topco Flushable Wipes Class Action Lawsuit 2021: 

This feature article aims to share with you information regarding the latest class action suit to be filed against company Topco. 

Topco Associates, LLC is a private, for-profit business that provides solutions for its food industry member-owners and customers. 

In this case, the company is being sued for allegedly misleading its customers into believing in a false representation made with one of its products – the Topco flushable wipes.  

Case Name(s) & No.(s): Bradley v. Topco Associates, LLC; Case No.: 7:21-cv-03303

Jurisdiction: United States District Court for the Southern District New York 

Products/Services Involved: Topco Flushable Wipes

Allegation(s): Topco’s flushable wipes product is not actually “flushable” and can cause damage to sewage systems when disposed of via flushing in the toilet.

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