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Tide Detergent Class Action Lawsuit Details – Not Really Eco-friendly…

Tide PurClean Laundry Detergent: Is it really plant-based?

Proctor & Gamble has steadily been marketing the Tide Purclean brand as the first plant-based liquid detergent the company has created, citing how it has less impact on the environment.

Although it has dominated the market through the years, it has had its fair share of problems.

In 2020, complaints arose regarding the Tide PurClean product that it is not eco-friendly and that it has cleaning materials that are actually made from petroleum.

On the product labeling, Tide PurClean identifies as a plant-based laundry detergent, saying it doesn’t have any dyes, phosphates, or chlorine brighteners.

All in all, a consumer is led to believe that PurClean uses only plant-based materials.

Although, as allegations insist, the product itself is inconsistent with Federal Trade Commission (FTC) recommendations, which require companies to be clear and concise qualifying language. It certifies that an item’s labeling has only specific benefits.

Unfortunately, a reasonable customer will understand that the ingredients for Tide PurClean aren’t plant-based but are actually made of petroleum, especially its polyethyleneimines alkoxylated.

This year, another class action echoes the same class action filed last year, claiming the same as the lawsuit filed in 2020.

As allegations state in the most recent class action filed, Proctor & Gamble sold Tide PurClean to customers to capitalize on the growing eco-friendly laundry items trend, making sure their product is labeled plant-based.

The labeling also shows, according to claims, implies that it does not have dyes, phosphates, nor chlorine brighteners.

The lawsuit documentation states further that the impact on the environment of the petroleum industry is well known.

When oil burns, it releases carbon dioxide into the air, adding to our planet’s increasing warmth.

That Tide PurClean’s ingredients are actually non-renewable and dangerous to the planet, unlike what most consumers are led to believe.

Tide Class Action Lawsuit

Editor’s Note on the Tide Class Action Lawsuit:

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