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Thinx Underwear Class Action Lawsuit 2021

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Thinx Underwear Class Action Lawsuit 2021 – Another Lawsuit Claims Thinx Is Not Safe…

Thinx Underwear Not Actually Organic And Safe For Use Unlike Company Advertisement Claims: Class Action

Thinx underwear products allegedly have traces of dangerous chemicals that may harm its users and the environment, a latest class action lawsuit contended. 

Thinx Inc. Misrepresented Their Women’s Underwear Products – Women Complainants

Duo plaintiffs Lili Mitchell and Jillian Blenis filed a class action lawsuit against Thinx after they were made to believe that the undergarments they were buying were safe to use, made from organic materials, and non-toxic, and harmless. 

Thinx Inc., the defendant in the case, allegedly made misrepresentations about its women’s underwear offerings.

Complainants Mitchell and Blenis reportedly bought products from Thinx due to the advertising claims made by the company to its customers. They claimed that their Thinx women’s underwear was safe for use and was made from non-toxic materials.

Blenis shared that she bought Thinx women’s underwear because she thought they were a great fit for her medical condition. On the other hand, Mitchell detailed that she contracted multiple infections soon after she started wearing the company’s undergarments. 

Thinx Undergarments Have Dangerous Chemicals In It, Class Action Claims

Thinx Inc. makes and sells different series of underwear targeted at women who want to use reusable sanitary panties during their periods. Also, the company proudly claimed in its marketing tactics that its underwear offerings were safe for women’s use and to the environment. 

However, these claims were allegedly false and were proven by the two complainants after they commissioned independent testing on Thinx’s underwear items. They found out that they contained harmful chemicals that include silver nanoparticles and PFAS or polyfluoroalkyl. The mentioned substances reportedly posed serious health risks to women that were unknowingly exposed to them. 

Experts believe that PFAS can cause a range of ailments from the possible development of cancer, compromised immune system, and lower weights on newborn infants. Furthermore, it is said that PFAS can harm the environment once they are disposed of. Independent lab tests have shown that Thinx underwears reportedly have high trace levels of the said substance.

Besides PFAS, the underwear allegedly contained silver nanoparticles that can also cause ailments and can be harmful to Mother Nature if not properly disposed of. 

Thinx Underwear Class Action Information

The Thinx Inc. Underwear Class Action Lawsuit is seeking to form and represent a Class consisting of members from all over the United States who have bought Thinx underwear after being made to believe that they were safe for use. Thinx Inc. is officially accused of violating Massachusetts consumer state law. 

The charges filed against the company in court include allegations that the company falsely advertised their products to consumers and hiding the truth that their underwear offerings contained potentially dangerous chemicals that can harm a person’s health. 

Previous Class Action:

Destini Kanan, the lead plaintiff, filed the class action lawsuit against Thinx Inc. in a California federal court in November 2020.

The class action lawsuit asserts that the company’s Period Proof Cotton Brief can have dangerous health effects since the product is made up of toxic substances.

Plaintiff Allegations

Destini Kanan argues that the company branded the product as safe to use and health-friendly. This targeted health-conscious consumers to pay a higher price for the added benefit instead of buying alternatives like tampons.

She adds that the company has failed to include a complete and accurate ingredients list, which has deceived its customers into thinking that the product is safe.

The complainant alleges that the statement released by the company regarding the testing on their product aimed to hide the truth from their customers.

Product Test and PFAs

According to the lead plaintiff, an independent test conducted on the alleged underwear revealed that it has toxic substances. 

In January 2020, Sierra magazine reporter, Jessian Choy, published an article regarding the test conducted by Dr. Graham Peaslee, a nuclear scientist for the University of Notre Dame. The test showed high levels of per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAs) were found in the Period Proof Cotton Brief.

PFAs are chemical substances known to have potential damaging health risks, especially when individuals are exposed to them continuously with time. They were originally created in the 1940s to make fabric water and stain-resistant. The said human-made substances are widely available in a variety of products we use today. 

The impact they can have on health has widened to include an increase in cholesterol level, weakened immune system, decrease in weight of newborns, caner (PFOA), and disruption in thyroid hormone ( PFOS).

Due to this, various government agencies like the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) continuously monitor and assess the said substances’ impact.

Thinx Response

After the article was published, Thinx CEO, Maria Molland, released a statement in February 2020 to respond.

The company did not acknowledge any of the allegations and contended that the company had the Period Proof Cotton Brief tested by a toxicologist, Dr. Chris Mackay, from Intertox Inc, a toxicology company.

Thinx asserts that their tests did not reveal the same results as what the plaintiff claims. It states that the methods used by Dr. Peaslee only revealed the presence of fluoride in the alleged underwear and not PFAs.

The company also argues that their products were tested and certified by Bureau Veritas, S.A., which verified that PFAs were not present in their products. Thinx declares that they are committed to offering safe products for their consumers.

About The Company

Thinx Inc., stylized as THINX Inc., is a manufacturer of women’s apparel items. The company is known to sell its merchandise worldwide. Thinx offers different products ranging from underwear to bras. 

Editor’s Note on Thinx Underwear Class Action Lawsuit 2021 – Another Lawsuit Claims Thinx Is Not Safe: 

This feature discussed the class action lawsuit filed against Thinx for allegedly making false claims regarding their underwear. 

Case Name(s) & No.: Jillian Blenis, et al. v. Thinx Inc.; Case No.: 1:21-cv-11019

Jurisdiction: United States District Court for the District of Massachusetts 

Products/Services Involved: Thinx Women Underwear

Allegation(s): Thinx Inc. has not been entirely truthful about its underwear offerings as they make claims that they are safe to use and chemical-free. 

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