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Think Finance Payday Loans Class Action Lawsuit - Charging Illegal Rates To Virginians Through Tribal Banks

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Think Finance Payday Loans Class Action Lawsuit – Charging Illegal Rates To Virginians Through Tribal Banks…

Court Certifies Class In Think Finance Payday Loans Class Action Case 

The certification of a Class group is approved by a Virginia federal court involving a payday loan class action case that argued that the people behind the company Think Finance reportedly took advantage of a number of loan companies owned by Native Americans to be able to impose high rates on Virginians. 

What Is The Case Lodged Against Think Finance 

The Think Finance Payday Loans Class Action Lawsuit is litigation filed against the owners of the financial services company Think Finance by different plaintiffs. 

Headed by the complainants Lula Williams, Darlene Gibbs, Tamara Price, Stephanie Edwards, Lawrence Mwethuku, George Hengle, and Patrick Inscho, the class action argued that Virginian loan seekers were slapped with illegal high-interest rates by Think Finance using different Native American-owned and operated banks. 

According to the class action filing, affected Class members include those who were able to sign up for a loan and have made loan payments to the following lenders: MobiLoans, Great Plains Lending, and Plain Green. 

The individuals and organizations named as the defendant in the case are Linda and Michael Stinson, both identified as owners of Think Finance, Stephen Shaper, Startup Capital Ventures, and 7HBF No. 2 Ltd.

More Details About The Payday Loans Lawsuit

The Think Finance Payday Loans Class Action Lawsuit contends that Think Finance used tribal loan companies to gain the ability to charge excessively high-interest rates amongst loan payors – with rates going way above 12%. 

The said illegal activity reportedly cost millions of extra illegal payments made by countless Virginians who sought loans with the abovementioned Native American-owned payday loan providers. 

MobiLoans is a bank owned and operated by the Lousiana Tunica-Biloxi Native American tribe, while the Otoe-Missouria Native American tribe of Oklahoma runs Great Plains. Meanwhile, Plain Green was previously owned by the Native American tribe of the Chippewa Cree Tribe residing in Montana’s Rocky Boy’s Reservation. 

This legal case is a separate class action lawsuit filed against Think Finance and other defendants. In fact, there is another separate case that was brought before this one against the financial services company revolving around an alleged questionable money lending scheme. 

Editor’s Note on Think Finance Payday Loans Class Action Lawsuit: 

This update provides the latest piece of news surrounding the class action filed against the operators and owners of Think Finance and others – all of which were accused of using tribal-linked and owned lending companies to conduct their financial misdeeds. We also suggest you read the State Farm Total Loss Class Action.

Case Name(s) & No.: Darlene Gibbs, et al., v. Michael and Linda Stinson, et al.; Case No.: 3:18-cv-00676-MHL

Jurisdiction: United States (U.S.) District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia    

Allegation(s): Think Finance used banks and lending institutions associated with certain Native American tribes to impose very high and reportedly illegal interest rates on Virginians. 

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