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Thayers Natural Remedies Class Action Lawsuit Consider The Consumer

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Thayers Natural Remedies Class Action Lawsuit Filed

Thayers Natural Remedies Faces Class Action Lawsuit Because of Fraudulent Claims

Women and men love to keep their skin smooth and beautiful, opting for more natural made products instead of chemically made products.

With this in mind, a class action lawsuit was recently filed against Thayers Natural Remedies, and allegations claim that consumers felt duped into buying their supposedly natural skincare when they actually have synthetic ingredients.

What To Know About the Case

The case alleges that the company markets their products as natural, as their deodorants, towelettes, and other personal cleaning items are claimed to be natural and preservative-free.

There are allegations, though, that show these products as having synthetic and abrasive ingredients that customers would not expect these products to have with the way they are advertised by the company.

The lawsuit cites about a dozen products in the Thayers Natural Remedies line that are grossly mislabeled:

  • facial toners
  • mists
  • astringents
  • skin pads
  • deodorants
  • dry mouth sprays

The dry mouth spray is also alleged to contain substances that when combined in the product creates a carcinogen called benzene.

Similarly, plaintiffs have also found chemicals present in the Thayers Natural Remedies line that raise many concerns. These chemicals are phenoxyethanol, potassium sorbate, polysorbate-20, and sodium benzoate. To note, The FDA have even cautioned the use of these chemicals as they are thought to affect the nervous system. 

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