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Tecate Beer Class Action Lawsuit Claims Mexican Beer is Made in… Holland?

Mexican Beer Made in Holland: The Tecate Beer Class Action

Oftentimes, people prefer a particular drink when they’re trying to wind down and relax. Some opt for wine, some for beer, and others may choose a certain hard liquor. Some people even prefer one particular brand over another due to certain tastes, flavors, smells, or anything of the sort.

Some people may even pick their poison based upon region. Many wine drinkers may prefer one country’s grape to another, where as a beer drinker may like a certain country’s style over another’s.

To that end, a New York resident was recently surprised to find out that Tecate beer is not actually made in Tecate, Baja California, Mexico, as displayed on its packaging, but instead in… Holland?

Heineken USA marketed Tecate beer as a product which is made in Mexico, but Miguel Schmetty has found the words “product of Holland” printed on the box, prompting him to file a class-action lawsuit.

Why Mexican Beer?

There are people who often support products that are solely made in the United States, especially if the product blatantly shows its origin on the packaging.

Likewise, there is a high demand for Mexican imports throughout the country, and since there is an increase in the Mexican-American population, there is an increased demand for Mexican beer as well!

Baja California, Mexico, is also thought to be a great place to vacation, and put your feet up for a while. Similarly, a beer made from a place like this may seem like grabbing a little pint of heaven to some consumers (think of those Corona commercials!).

All in all, authenticity is what consumers often look for in a product. This lawsuit alleges that the company is banking on this fact, and profiting off of its misrepresentations.

The Tecate Beer class action also claims that for the premium price attributed to Tecate beer, people are not getting what they paid for! This case can be found under the name: Schelmetty, et al. v. Heineken USA Inc., Case No. 7:20-cv-09985.

Editor’s note on the Tecate Beer Class Action Lawsuit

This piece is written about the recent Tecate beer lawsuit . If you have been drinking Tecate beer, were you expecting it to be made in Mexico? If so, you may have a legal claim! Contact us today for more information:

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