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Teas’ Tea Organic Class Action Lawsuit Consider The Consumer

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Teas’ Tea Organic Pomegranate Blueberry Green Tea Class Action Lawsuit

Teas’ Tea Organic Class Action Lawsuit

ITO EN (North America) Inc. is facing a lawsuit due to its false advertising of Teas’ Tea Organic Pomegranate Blueberry Green Tea. According to the recent class action lawsuit, the company labeled the product as “Slightly Sweet.” However, the complainant asserted that sugar is the second main ingredient in the product.

The complaint quoted that in a study, claiming that a low- or no-nutrient claim can pertain to different things for different foods. “This could potentially lead to confusion if consumers focus on seeking out products with specific nutrient claims or use a claim to justify the purchase of less-healthy foods.”

“The representation as ‘slightly sweet’ is understood by consumers to indicate the Product is ‘low sugar’ and contains less sugar than it does,” the lawsuit says.

What You Need To Know

Furthermore, the class action lawsuit argues that the product contains 20 grams of sugar. Thus, it is “[f]ar from being ‘slightly sweet’ and low in sugar…” It points out that this is 40% of the Daily Value for sugar.

According to reports, the product involved in this lawsuit is retailed and sold online via third parties. It comes in sizes including 16.9 OZ.

Meanwhile, the CSPI claimed that the Product’s label is especially misleading because “[T]hey contain [28 percent] of the DV (daily value) for added sugars per Reference Amount Customarily Consumed (RACC). Such claims are not only violative, but also particularly misleading, and pose a specific risk of harm to consumers seeking to lower their sugar consumption, including those with diet-related diseases, such as Type 2 diabetes.

Have you purchased Teas’ Tea Organic Pomegranate Blueberry Green Tea believing that it’s low in sugar? Tell us your thoughts about it.

Editor’s note on The Teas’ Tea Organic Class Action Lawsuit:

This piece is to inform you about the recent Teas’ Tea Organic Pomegranate Blueberry Green Tea Class Action Lawsuit. 

If you are considered eligible to be among the class of consumers described in the article above, you may eventually be able to participate in receiving any compensation the court may award.

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