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TD Bank Overdraft Fees Class Action Lawsuit - Charging High And Unfair Transaction Fees

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TD Bank Overdraft Fees Class Action Lawsuit – Charging High And Unfair Transaction Fees…

TD Bank Overdraft Fees Case Transferred To New Federal Court Jurisdiction

The class action accusing TD Bank of imposing astounding overdraft fees on its clients is moved to a federal court from a district court in the state of New Jersey. 

TD Bank Sued For Alleged Illegal Collection Of Banking Fees 

The TD Bank Overdraft Fees Class Action Lawsuit is a case filed against national banking company TD Bank arguing that it has conducted misdeeds towards its banking customers by charging unfair overdraft fees.

Filed by complainant Kyle Burns, the class action continues that TD Bank has not met its contractual obligations with its banking customers to avoid charging overdraft fees for different financial transactions.  

Burns details that instead of reducing the balances of an account holder immediately after a successful debit card transaction, TD Bank resorted to not acting on it. This reportedly places the account owner in a position that will lead to them being assessed and charged for an unnecessary overdraft charge. 

It is even argued that the bank ended up making millions of dollars of extra profit in its act of imposing improperly assessed overdraft charges on its clients across the country. 

More Information Surrounding The Class Action 

Primarily, the class action wants to question TD Bank’s practice of implementing its interpretation of Authorize Positive, Purportedly Settle Negative Transactions or AAPSN. Other banks and financial institutions besides the aforementioned are facing litigation surrounding the same practice. 

The TD Bank Overdraft Fees Class Action Lawsuit wants to take TD Bank to court for different charges like the breach of contract. 

Furthermore, the class action wants to form and represent a Class group consisting of nationwide members whose accounts with TD Bank got charged with an improper overdraft fee. 

Consider The Consumer will continue to post updates surrounding this matter. Stay tuned. 

About The Company

TD Bank, or also known as Toronto-Dominion Bank, is a Canadian banking company founded in 1855. Its American subsidiary is embroiled in multiple class action lawsuits involving its alleged violations of the law.

Editor’s Note on TD Bank Overdraft Fees Class Action Lawsuit: 

This article reports the latest update of the lawsuit filed against TD Bank concerning its overdraft fees. We also recommend you to read the ATM Balance lawsuit against TD Bank.     

Case Name(s) & No.(s): Kyle Burns v. TD Bank NA; Case No.: 1:21-cv-18194

Jurisdiction: United States (U.S.) District Court for the District of New Jersey   

Allegation(s): TD Bank has illegally charged unfair overdraft fees.     

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