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Target Virtual Makeup Try-On BIPA Class Action Lawsuit - Illegally Using Consumers Biometrics

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Target Virtual Makeup Try-On BIPA Class Action Lawsuit – Illegally Using Consumers Biometrics…

Target’s Virtual Makeup Try-On Technology Allegedly Violates Illinois BIPA, Collects And Uses Data Without Owners’ Consent 

Retail shopping giant Target is being accused in a recent class action lawsuit of allegedly illegally collecting its customers’ facial biometric information through its Try-On Technology without prior consent for different purposes. 

Aimee Potter v. Target Corporation

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Filed in an Ilinois court by complainant Aimee Potter, the Target Virtual Makeup Try-On BIPA Class Action Lawsuit is contending that Target is flagrantly violating the state’s strict Biometric Information Privacy Act or BIPA. 

Potter details in her class action filing that Target purportedly masks its illegal acts of unauthorized biometric information collection on its clients via its Virtual Try-On Makeup technology. 

Target uses its technology to allow its patrons to try out what a makeup product looks like on their face without actually needing to apply beauty products using the virtual system. It is said that Target’s Virtual Try-On Makeup technology makes the said feat possible by conducting a geometrical scan of a customer’s live image or a submitted photo. 

Then, the said system does its programmed algorithm, which results in the generated image showing how a person would look if they have a beauty product being sold in Target stores on their face. 

Potter shares that she has gone to a Target store and tried out the company’s virtual makeup tester to determine how the different lipsticks she was interested in would look like on her. However, unknown to her, Target and its third-party company partners purportedly collected and stored her facial biometric data. In addition, the gathered data were also allegedly used for different purposes ranging from marketing to research. 

More Information About The Class Action 

The plaintiff reiterates that she did not know that Target would do such a thing with her, and she just wanted to try out the company’s novel technology in-store.

The class action filing argues that Potter was not properly informed about the data collection method done by Target when she tried out the new technology and was asked for permission or consent by anybody present in the store. 

Potter’s Target Virtual Makeup Try-On BIPA Class Action Lawsuit is seeking to take Target to court for alleged violations of Illinois’ BIPA. She is also looking forward to having a Class group to be approved by the court. The said collective would compose of any citizens residing in Illinois that have tried out the Virtual Try-On Makeup technology offered by Target. 

Editor’s Note on Target Virtual Makeup Try-On BIPA Class Action Lawsuit: 

This class action news article discusses the case brought up against Target by one of its customers who allegedly have fallen victim to the retail company’s misdeeds involving its Virtual Try-on technology system. A similar class action was also filed against Google over its use of consumers biometrics.

Case Name(s) & No.(s): Aimee Potter v. Target Corporation; Case No.: 2021CH04615

Jurisdiction: Circuit Court of Cook County, Illinois County Department, Chancery Division 

Products/Services Involved: Virtual Try-on technology by Target 

Allegation(s): Target collects biometric data of unknowing customers and uses them for different purposes without obtaining prior consent as mandated by the law. 

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