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Target Heyday Chargers Class Action Lawsuit 2021 - Low Quality Chargers That Don't Work After A Week

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Target Heyday Chargers Class Action Lawsuit 2021 – Low Quality Chargers That Don’t Work After A Week?

Target Class Action Lawsuit Over Defective Heyday Chargers

In a class action complaint — filed Friday in federal court in New York — a pair of customers allege that the Heyday Charger offered by Target Corporation is defective and fails after one week of regular use.

Pay More, Expect Less

Mieke Bayne and Alyssa Hart are the lead plaintiffs who purchased Heyday charging cables from Target.

They claim that the chargers are defective and manufactured using substandard materials, which cause them to break, overheat, or become useless shortly after purchase, but the store continues to sell them.

Both plaintiffs, who reside in New York, purchased a Heyday charger from Target. Bayne claims that the charger she bought for her phone broke within a week, forcing her to discontinue using it. Hart had a similar experience, stating that she was unable to use the charger within a week of purchase.

The duo asserts that they, and other customers, would not have purchased the chargers if they were aware of its issue. They allege Target of misrepresenting and marketing Heyday’s defective product.

Mieke Bayne et al. v. Target Corporation

According to the class-action lawsuit, Target offers a selection of Heyday brand charging cables. The store claims that the Heyday chargers are compatible with iPhones and iPads and boasts about their quick charging speed.

Furthermore, the product is of inferior quality and is manufactured using substandard materials, resulting in the product breaking and being unable to work as a phone charger quickly after purchase.

Lastly, the defect may result in the plug detaching from the cable, the plug overheats and becomes unusable, or the wires within the cables break. However, all of these issues originate from the same defect.

The class-action lawsuit cites customer complaints posted online concerning the Heyday charger offered at Target.

Complaints describe chargers failing within weeks of purchase and worries about the item emitting sparks and a burning smell.

Plaintiffs claim that Target violated state consumer protection laws, committed fraud, and breach of warranty.

Bayne and Hart seek to represent all customers who purchased a Heyday charger at Target, as well as a subclass of New York residents.

The plaintiffs want compensation for themselves and other Class Members for the allegedly defective Heyday chargers, as well as penalties, attorney’s fees, and legal expenses.

Editor’s Note on Target Heyday Chargers Class Action Lawsuit 2021:

This article is written to inform you of the recent class-action lawsuit over Heyday chargers.

Case Name & No.: Mieke Bayne et al. v. Target Corporation, Case No. 1:21-cv-05938

Jurisdiction: U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York

Products/Services: Heyday Chargers 

Allegations: Target marketed allegedly defective Heyday chargers made from substandard materials, which causes them to break, overheat, or become useless

Status: Pending

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