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T-Mobile Fake Ringtone Class Action Lawsuit - Judge Rejects Case Over Weak Argument From Plaintiffs

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T-Mobile Fake Ringtone Class Action Lawsuit – Judge Rejects Case Over Weak Argument From Plaintiffs…

Illinois Court Judge Sides With T-Mobile, Junks Class Action Filed Against Them Over Fake Ringtones

Telecommunications giant T-Mobile is set to enjoy a legal victory as an Illinois judge dismissed a class action claiming that they intentionally defrauded their customers with the use of ‘fake’ ringtones when a call is dropped. 

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T-Mobile Fake Ringtone Class Action Dismissed By Court 

The latest news is an addition to the developments surrounding the T-Mobile Fake Ringtone Class Action Lawsuit. The United States District Court for the Northern District of Illinois Judge John Lee released his decision siding with T-Mobile in this case. 

According to Judge Lee, the plaintiffs to the case, telecommunications businesses Adam Wells Internet Telecom T.V. and Consolidated Telephone Co., have failed to perfectly argue in their case filing that T-Mobile really went out of its way to purposely defraud the two companies by using fake ringtones on dropped calls. 

The judge said that the duo relied heavily on a 2018 report by the FCC or Federal Communications Commission that was not able to successfully pinpoint the blame on T-Mobile regarding the issue. 

The said FCC report found out that T-Mobile indeed formerly put in fake ringtones to millions of dropped calls made under their network. T-Mobile pleaded that they indeed did not follow industry-set standards regarding the practice. As a result, they have already paid $40 million as a settlement to the authorities. 

A Brief Look At The Class Action

The T-Mobile Fake Ringtone Class Action Lawsuit was a case filed by complainants Adam Wells Internet Telecom TV and Consolidated Telephone Co., alleging T-Mobile of violating the law by introducing fake ringtone calls on millions of dropped calls subscribers have done. 

The two companies have complained to the court that T-Mobile’s practice made it more difficult for them to compute and collect access charges placed on such calls. 

With the latest court decision, T-Mobile’s litany of legal battles is subtracted with one case to pursue. However, the company is still facing different lawsuits, with many claiming that they were allegedly neglectful of their responsibilities of protecting their subscribers’ data after a recent data breach incident affected millions of their customers. 

Editor’s Note on T-Mobile Fake Ringtone Class Action Lawsuit: 

This report aims to provide you the latest developments in the case between T-Mobile and two companies who sued the former for alleged violations of the law. We recommend you to read about the multiple class actions filed against T-Mobile over its recent Data Breach.

Case Name(s) & No.: Craigville Telephone Co., et al. v. T-Mobile USA Inc.; Case No.: 1:19-cv-07190

Jurisdiction: United States (U.S.) District Court for the Northern District of Illinois

Products/Services Involved: Fake ringtones

Allegation(s): T-Mobile allegedly inserted fake ringtones on dropped calls which were purportedly illegal. 

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