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Symmetry Energy Class Action Lawsuit – Texas Snowstorm High Electricity Bill…

Texan Flower Company Sues Symmetry Energy Solutions For Price Gouging Allegations In The Aftermath Of Great Texas Southern Winter Storm 

Texans are still reeling from the terrible nightmare brought upon by the recent February winter storm. Affecting millions of ill-prepared Lone Star State residents, many have gotten their power and water supplies cut off for days. 

This is because many utility companies were not prepared to take on an extraordinary weather event like a snowstorm. 

One of the concerns that were pushed to the spotlight as soon as the dust started to settle down is the alleged overpricing tactics of some Texas energy companies. 

Reports poured in that Floridians, both homeowners and entrepreneurs alike, were hit with astronomical bills amounting to the tens of thousands of dollars after the snowstorm.

Many have disputed their bills and negotiated down their fees, but one flower dealer company has sued their partner energy company due to the ridiculously high bill they are being forced to pay. 

Certified Roses, Inc., a rose wholesaler, has filed a nationwide class action lawsuit against their energy provider, Symmetry Energy Solutions after the latter has charged the company an astronomically high fee. 

Plaintiff Certified Roses, Inc. reported that they were sent a bill worth more than $233,000 in exchange for being able to supply an uninterrupted energy supply during the peak of the storm. 

The complainant argued that the energy company is trying to pass off the costs to consumers and businesses in order to compensate for their inability to meet high energy demands during the extraordinary winter event that unexpectedly hit the South. 

Symmetry reportedly sent a bill to Certified Roses containing a line named “Incremental Supply Costs,” indicating next to it the charge of $233,494.59. 

Certified Roses argued that this type of charge is not included in the contract they have signed up with the energy company. 

They reportedly asked Symmetry to explain the additional costs, but they failed to provide a clear explanation to justify it. 

The Symmetry Energy Price Gouging Class Action Lawsuit alleges that Symmetry Energy has deceived residential and commercial consumers of the risks of incurring additional costs when purchasing extra natural gas from the energy company during an event of low supply. 

It further states that consumers should not shoulder the added costs, and the company should handle themselves the consequences of not having enough stockpile during peak demand periods. 

Certified Roses is accusing the energy company of violating the Texas Deceptive Trade Practices Act. 

In addition, the company is asking the court to grant them permission to form and represent a Nationwide Class consisting of Symmetry customers across the United States that were victims of the price gouging practices of the company in the wake of the epic Texas winter storm. 

A Texas subclass is also included in the class action. 

As of writing, a Symmetry company representative has refused to give a comment on the complaint filed against them and has promised to defend itself in court. 

Editor’s Note on Symmetry Energy Class Action Lawsuit: 

This news article aims to inform you of the latest class action complaint filed in relation to the price gouging incidents reported after a great winter event devastated large areas in Texas and the South.  

Case Name(s) & No.(s): Certified Roses, Inc., v. Symmetry Energy Solutions; Case No.: 2:21-cv-00133

Jurisdiction: United States District Court for the Eastern District of Texas

Products/Services Involved: Natural gas prices

Allegation(s): Energy company Symmetry Energy allegedly passed on high costs to consumers due to the widespread lack of gas supply during the February Texas winter storm. 

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