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Swedish Fish Class Action Lawsuit Consider The Consumer

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Swedish Fish Class Action Lawsuit Filed Over Underfilled Boxes!

Have you ever purchased Swedish Fish? Well, you may be available to join the Swedish Fish Class Action!

Last September 3, Mondelez International Inc., the maker of Swedish Fish candy faced a class action lawsuit for allegedly underfilling boxes of the sweet red gummy treats. According to Plaintiff Elena Coleman, the Mondelez International Inc. violated California consumer protection laws, committed fraud, and intentionally and negligently misrepresented their Swedish Fish Candy. She also claimed that the company used non-functional slack-fill and that many potential Class Members lost money because of the company’s mispractice.

Due to this, Coleman demands a jury trial and urges the court to require Mondelez from shorting its boxes of Swedish Fish candy. She also asserted that the court should order the company to pay damages for scamming its customers.

Furthermore, the action lawsuit claimed that the boxes of Swedish Fish candy are underfilled. The lawsuit alleges that the company “dupes unsuspecting consumers across America to pay premium prices for empty space.”

“To increase profits at the expense of consumers and fair competition, [Mondelez] pioneered a scheme to deceptively selling all flavors, varieties, and sizes of Swedish Fish sold in opaque containers […] in oversized boxes that do not reasonably inform consumers that they are more than half empty,” the Swedish Fish candy class action lawsuit states.

“The size of each box leads the reasonable consumer to believe he or she is purchasing a box full of candy products when, in reality, what he or she actually receives is about 58% less than what is represented by the size of the box.” 

Editor’s note on the Swedish Fish Class Action Lawsuit:

This article is crafted to inform you about the Swedish Fish Class Action. If you have purchased the product mentioned above and encountered the same problems as claimed in the class action, we encourage you to contact us today! 

If you are considered eligible to be among the class of consumers described in the article above, you may eventually be able to participate in receiving any compensation the court may award.

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