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Spirit Airlines Shortcut Boarding Class Action Lawsuit 2021 - Duping Travelers Of Useless Upgrades

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Spirit Airlines Shortcut Boarding Class Action Lawsuit 2021 – Duping Travelers Of Useless Upgrades…

Spirit Airlines Class Action Lawsuit Over “Shortcut Boarding” Upgrade

A Florida couple in a class-action lawsuit claims that Spirit Airlines misled customers into purchasing “shortcut boarding” upgrades while knowing that the tight loading and unloading methods enforced during the coronavirus pandemic rendered them ineffective.

Anthony Pochiro, et al. v. Spirit Airlines, Inc.

Anthony Pochiro and Barbara Kuhns, the lead plaintiffs, seek to represent other Spirit passengers who they claim were misled into paying $5.99 for a boarding upgrade they were never able to use.

They claim that despite rules implemented during the pandemic outbreak, the airline continued to advertise the upgrade until January 2021. 

Spirit’s “Shortcut Boarding” upgrade supposedly allows passengers on the “no-frills” airline to board the plane faster and secure overhead cabin access.

The pair claims they paid a total of $11.98 for the upgrade on their December Spirit flight to Cleveland but stood helpless while the plane was filled from back to front in accordance with COVID-19 health restrictions enforced by federal and state authorities amidst the pandemic.

Spirit notes that Shortcut Boarding may not be accessible at all airports it serves but did not present a list of routes that qualify for the upgrade.

The defendant is accused of deceptive business practices in violation of Florida Law—by the lawyers acting on behalf of the couple.

Too Good to be True

According to the lawsuit, Spirit gained profits from intentional omissions, misrepresentations, and other business practices connected with the marketing, advertising, promotion, and sale of Shortcut Boarding, resulting in the airline’s unjust enrichment for a service that was not delivered.

Furthermore, Spirit was aware that during the COVID-19 pandemic, it would be unable to fulfill the advertised early boarding privileges due to state and federal health regulations.

Despite this, Spirit continued to offer Shortcut Boarding as an option nine months into the pandemic and retained the revenue generated from the sales.

The plaintiffs assert that the airline owes them and other passengers refunds for the deceptively marketed service. They allege that Spirit breached the terms of the contract, violated state consumer protection laws, and engaged in unjust enrichment.

Pochiro and Kuhns seek to represent a nationwide Class of customers who paid for Shortcut Boarding upgrades on their Spirit flight after April 1, 2020. They are seeking damages on behalf of the Class Members, as well as a court order for Spirit to stop deceptive advertising of the Shortcut Boarding upgrade.

Editor’s Note on Spirit Airlines Shortcut Boarding Class Action Lawsuit 2021:

This article is written to inform you of the class-action lawsuit filed against Spirit Airlines over its Shortcut Boarding upgrade.

Case Name & No.: Anthony Pochiro, et al. v. Spirit Airlines, Inc., Case No. 0:21-cv-61343

Jurisdiction: U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Florida

Products/Services:  Shortcut Boarding upgrade from Spirit

Allegations: Spirit Airlines continue to advertise the “Shortcut Boarding” upgrade but was unable to fulfill the privileges that came with it amid the Covid-19 pandemic

Status: Pending

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