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Snow Teeth Whitening Kit Class Action Lawsuit Investigation 2021

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Snow Teeth Whitening Kit Class Action Lawsuit Investigation 2021 – Does It Really Whiten Your Teeth & Fight Covoid-19?

Snow Teeth Whitening Kit Under Investigation For Alleged False Marketing Claims 

Authorities have opened up a free investigation for a class action lawsuit concerning customers who bought the Snow Teeth Whitening Kit.

They believe that the company, SNOW, behind the said product has made false statements about its effectiveness, leading to people buying ineffective products. 

Officials Open Probe, Calls On California And New York Residents’ Participation

According to reports, legal officials have started leading an investigation involving the company that makes and offers the Snow Teeth Whitening Kit. 

The teeth whitening kit is sold for almost two hundred bucks and boasts its LED or light-emitting diode feature as a novel way of effectively whitening its users’ whites. 

In fact, the company has hired the help of famous celebrities, from boxing icon Floyd Mayweather to Rob Gronkowski, to entice potential buyers to avail of the product.

However, legal experts have contended that the company has potentially made false representations about the actual capabilities of the Snow Teeth Whitening Kit to actually do its job of whitening a person’s set of teeth. 

Furthermore, in light of the current Coronavirus disease-2019 (COVID-19) pandemic, the company behind the teeth whitening product has claimed that the Snow Teeth Whitening Kit can ward off the virus and protect its users from it. 

The said investigation is open for those residing in New York and California that ended up buying for themselves the Snow Teeth Whitening Kit after believing in the claims made surrounding the kit’s effectiveness. 

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As of writing, there is one Snow Teeth Whitening Kit Class Action Lawsuit already filed and rolling with complainants accusing the teeth whitening maker of fabricating falsehoods about the item.

Editor’s Note on Snow Teeth Whitening Kit Class Action Lawsuit Investigation 2021: 

This report features the latest investigation spearheaded by legal practitioners in their quest to hold the manufacturer of Snow Teeth Whitening Kit accountable for their alleged misdeeds aimed to mislead countless consumers. 

Case Name(s) & No.: Snow Teeth Whitening Kit Investigation 

Jurisdiction: California & New York

Products/Services Involved: Snow Teeth Whitening Kit 

Allegation(s): Snow Teeth Whitening Kit is ineffective in whitening its users’ teeth as well as fighting off the deadly COVID-19 virus

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