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SmileDirectClub TCPA Class Action Lawsuit

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SmileDirectClub TCPA Class Action Lawsuit – Sending Unwanted Marketing Texts To Mobile Phone Users?

SmileDirectClub Accused Of Violating TCPA In Latest Class Action

SmileDirectClub is facing a class action lawsuit alleging that it sent out advertising messages to people on their phones without prior consent and despite being asked to stop. The teledentistry company based in Nashville is poised to deal with legal charges forwarded in the SmileDirectClub TCPA Class Action. 

Jennifer Holt v. SmileDirectClub, LLC

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The SmileDirectClub TCPA Class Action Lawsuit is a legal case submitted by complainant Jennifer Holt in a Tennessee federal court.  

Holt details that she has received multiple marketing texts from the company on her phone. Despite using the cease option provided by the messages for the consumers’ use, the plaintiff did not stop receiving messages from SmileDirectClub.

What Is The Jennifer Holt’s Lawsuit About

The SmileDirectClub TCPA Class Action argues that the Nashville-based business violated the provisions of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act or TCPA. It adds that it made use of unwarranted and unauthorized text messaging marketing as a component of its advertising strategy. 

The move is said to have caused damage and/or suffering to the victims like Holt. Further, the class action wants to form and represent a Class group consisting of anybody in the United States who had received an unauthorized message from SmileDirectClub and continued to do so even when they explicitly asked for the company to stop. 

Holt wants to ask the court to order SmileDirectClub to pay up to $1,500 for each violation of the TCPA. It is said that the company is slated to pay more than $5 million to a group of unwanted marketing messages victims numbered to the tens of thousands of Americans. 

It is noteworthy that SmileDirectClub has previously agreed to enter into a settlement agreement to end a different suit brought up against it. Amounting to $11.5 million, the company paid the settlement to end the accusations that it sent out texts to phone owners without asking for prior permission.

Editor’s Note on SmileDirectClub TCPA Class Action Lawsuit: 

This blog post discusses the case brought up against SmileDirectClub in relation to its alleged transgressions of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act towards mobile phone owners. We also recommend you the Oral-B io 7g Toothbrush Privacy Lawsuit. 

Case Name(s) & No.(s): Jennifer Holt v. SmileDirectClub, LLC; Case No.: 6:21-cv-00344-KEW

Jurisdiction: United States (U.S.) District Court for the Eastern District of Oklahoma  

Allegation(s): Mobile users continued receiving unwanted marketing messages from SmileDirectClub.

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