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Shell Debit Card Class Action Lawsuit 2021

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Shell Debit Card Class Action Lawsuit – Is Shell Scamming By Overcharging?

Class Action Lawsuit Filed as Shell Inflates Credit Prices for Gas Purchased with Debit Cards

Shell Oil Company is accused of deceiving customers into thinking they will be charged a lower “cash” price for fuel purchased with a debit card when, in fact, they will be credited a higher price.

Shell Oil Company

Shell refines and sells gasoline and other petroleum products, sold at one of the country’s 14,000 Shell retail outlets, including 1,150 in California alone.

In terms of the number of stations and total gallons delivered, it is the largest branded gasoline distributor in the United States.

Shell outlets must use the company’s payment processing system. Shell, according to the class action lawsuit, uses a misleading payment processing method that causes customers who pay with debit cards to pay more for gas.

The Plaintiff

Rebekah Kurimski, the lead plaintiff, seeks to represent other Floridians who she claims were duped into buying gas at Shell stations because of so-called “cash” pricing.

Shell gas stations, according to Kurimski, deceive customers by advertising a “cash” price that is substantially lower than “credit” rates.

She claims that the gas station’s Shell game tricked her and other customers into believing that if they used their debit cards, they would get the lower cash price. Instead, she and other Floridians were charged a credit fee.

Kurimsky says she bought gas in February at a Shell station. She claims she chose Shell because of the cash price that was advertised at the station.

She somewhat believed she would get the cash price if she used her debit card. Instead, she was taken aback when the credit price was applied to her account.

The Class Action Lawsuit

According to the lawsuit, the defendant’s payment processing scheme is a “recognizing, planned, and calculated” effort to boost income at the expense of customers, most of whom cannot afford to take an additional financial burden from Shell.

Shell is “number one in the market in branded fuel stations,” according to the lawsuit, which serves an average of six million customers a day.

According to the prosecution, one way the defendant produces more revenue is by “split pricing,” a two-tiered pricing system in which fuel is sold at a “credit” price and a “cash” price that is around $0.10 lower per gallon.

The class action claims that Shell’s split pricing is displayed at the gas pumps and on the exterior signs of several gas stations.

Consumers consider debit cards to be a source of cash, according to the class action, since debit payments are withdrawn directly from a cardholder’s checking or savings account.

In addition, Shell “deliberately crafted” its split pricing signs in a misleading way to maximize its income at the detriment of unwitting customers, who would be unable to note the price gap even while dispensing their gas due to the slight disparity between the two rates.

Despite knowing that customers find Shell’s debit card processing policy misleading, the lawsuit claims that Shell intentionally refuses to reveal it to benefit from the resulting customer deception.

Shell’s misleading ads have caused “serious harm” to Florida customers because the state has over 400 Shell gas stations, with debit card transactions accounting for more than half of all fuel purchases.

The lawsuit appears to represent everyone who paid for Shell-branded fuel with a debit card in Florida during the last four years and was charged a “credit” price that was higher than the “cash” price.

Editor’s Note on Shell Debit Card Class Action Lawsuit:

This article is published to inform you of the latest class action lawsuit filed against Shell and their deceiving debit card payment scheme.

Case Name & No.: Kurimski v. Shell Oil Company, Case No. 9:21-cv-80727 in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Florida
Products/Services: Refines and sells gasoline and other petroleum products
Allegations: Shell allegedly marks-up their prices on debit card payments to increase revenue
Status: Pending

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