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Seresto Class Action Lawsuit

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Seresto Class Lawsuit Investigation Over Pet Injuries & Deaths – Join Today!

Seresto Investigated For Pet Deaths And Injuries

Seresto, a company that manufactures tick and flea collars for pets, was investigated after being associated with multiple pet deaths and injuries.

The Investigation

Midwest Center for Investigative Reporting and USA TODAY has conducted an investigation on Seresto due to reports linking it to pet injuries and deaths. 

According to their investigation, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has received reports against Seresto since 2012. The total number of reports related to pet deaths has now reached almost 1,700. 

Despite this, the investigators assert the EPA has not taken any action to demand accountability from the company and notify users of the dangers of using their product.

Seresto Collars

Serestos’s collars contain pesticides. The pesticide is used to kill pests in pets, including fleas and ticks. These pesticides are released in small doses within eight months.

Seresto claims that although the collars contain pesticides, they are safe to use on dogs and cats.

However, the investigation conducted revealed that EPA has received 75,000 incident reports against Seresto within eight years.

EPA Incident Reports

The investigation has granted USA TODAY and MCIR access to EPA’s public records.

Many records revealed that out of the 75,000 incident reports, 1,000 reports showed that the collars had harmful effects on humans.

The investigation also shows that 19 individuals incurred severe damages. The effects on humans include vomiting, skin problems, seizures, headaches, and numbness.

Seresto’s collars are one of the top products on Amazon’s website. Their product also has multiple negative reviews on the website.

The reviews assert that the collar had damaging effects resulting in neurological issues and skin rashes.

The result of the investigation alleges that there may still be numerous incidents related to Seresto’s collars that have not been reported to EPA.

EPA Response

After the investigation, EPA has responded to the issue. According to the EPA, the pesticides found in Seresto’s collars passed tests and are qualified to be registered.

EPA also states that all pesticides can have side effects and that some pets are more susceptible to these effects.

The EPA, which is responsible for regulating these products, ensures that the organization has measures to check and minimize the harmful effects.

Seresto’s collars, created initially by Bayer, have been acquired by Elanco.

Elanco has issued a statement claiming that 1 out of 568 consumers using Seresto have encountered an incident.

The company states that these incidents are not severe and that the product does not cause any significant harm to its users.

Related Lawsuit

Multiple class action lawsuits are recently being filed against various pet product manufacturers.

A class action lawsuit has been filed against Sportmix in January 2021 due to alleged pet deaths after consuming their products.

Grieving pet owners have come together to file class action lawsuits against the company.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has also issued a recall of Sportmix’s products after receiving multiple reports of deaths and illnesses of pets who have eaten products under the Sportmix line.

Editor’s Note on Seresto Class Lawsuit Investigation:

This article is published to inform you of the latest investigation conducted against Seresto due to alleged pet deaths.

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