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SeaWorld All-Day Dining Class Action Lawsuit 2021 - San Diego Theme Park's Alleged Food Deal Scam

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SeaWorld All-Day Dining Class Action Lawsuit 2021 – San Diego Theme Park’s Alleged Food Deal Scam…

SeaWorld “All-Day Dining” Deal to Face Class Action Lawsuit

In response to SeaWorld San Diego’s deceptive All-Day Dining Deal, which charges tourists approximately $45 for free hourly meals at the theme park, a class action complaint has been filed against the facility. It is claimed in the class action lawsuit that SeaWorld intentionally misrepresents the scope of its program, effectively defrauding consumers of their money and meals.

Charles Simon v. Seaworld Parks & Entertainment Inc.

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Charles Simon, the lead plaintiff, is pursuing a class action lawsuit against SeaWorld after he and his family were denied meals — at Calypso Bay Smokehouse — as part of the SeaWorld “All-Day Dining Deal” ticket upgrade. This perk cost Simon a total of around $160.00, added to the price of the tickets. 

In addition, according to the plaintiff, his family had a similar situation when they attempted to visit the Orca West Market & Pretzel Shop, where restaurant employees refused to implement the “All-Day Dining Deal.” Moreover, the family was informed that the establishment did not engage in the scheme, and SeaWorld was notified of the non-participation.

Furthermore, Simon claims that his concerns to SeaWorld Guest Relations were disregarded after he presented proof of his purchase of the “All-Day Dining Deal.”

Listed Restaurants

Several participating restaurants are listed on SeaWorld’s website, according to the lawsuit, including:

  • Explorer’s Café
  • Mama Stella’s Pizza Kitchen
  • Calypso Bay Smokehouse, and
  • Shipwreck Reef Café

Listed as additional participating restaurants in the tickets legal term are:

  • Coral Market
  • Orca West Market & Pretzel Shop
  • Shark Market, and
  • Big Bird’s Bistro

In the class action lawsuit, Simon represents consumers throughout the country who paid for the SeaWorld “All-Day Dining Deal” program at the San Diego park but could not redeem the deal at one of the restaurants intended to be a part of the program.

Misleading Dining Deal

SeaWorld’s website supposedly lists the restaurants that are part of the All-Day Dining Deal. However, as per court documents, SeaWorld was aware that it had misrepresented several restaurants in its All-Day Dining Deal.

Consumers purchased the premium add-on in the assumption that SeaWorld accurately represented the meal program. According to the class action lawsuit, consumers would not have purchased the “All-Day Dining Deal” if SeaWorld had been upfront with them about the program’s limitations or informed them that they would not receive the meals they had paid for.

The plaintiff seeks to represent anyone in the United States who paid money for the SeaWorld San Diego “All-Day Dining Deal” program — within the last four years and up to the date of trial — and discovered that one or more of the supposedly involved restaurants were not participating or recognizing the scheme on the date of their visit. In addition, the case suggests a state-specific subclass of people who paid for the program while residing in the state of California.

Editor’s Note on SeaWorld All-Day Dining Class Action Lawsuit 2021:

This article is written to inform you of the class action lawsuit against SeaWorld over its “All-Day Dining Deal” program. You might also be interested in GrubHub Unlimited Free Delivery Class Action.

Case Name & No.: Charles Simon v. Seaworld Parks & Entertainment Inc., Case No. 3:21-cv-01488-DMS-MSB

Jurisdiction: U.S. District Court for the Southern District of California

Products/Services: All-Day Dining Deal

Allegations: Listed restaurants in the “All-Day Dining Deal” ticket upgrade allegedly did not honor the scheme, and SeaWorld is allegedly aware of the situation

Status: Pending

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