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Seattle Children’s Hospital Mold Class Action Lawsuit

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Seattle Children’s Hospital Charged With A Class Action Lawsuit Due To Aspergillus Mold Leading To Many Deaths

In 2019, the class action lawsuit was filed by multiple patients of the Seattle Children’s Hospital, asserting that the hospital knowingly hid the mold’s presence, which affected its patient’s health.

According to the class action lawsuit, the mold issue has been present in the hospital since 2000. 

The mold, Aspergillus, is potentially deadly and has been affecting the hospital’s airflow system from 2000 until 2019. 

The mold has infected a lot of patients, seven of which have died from its effects.

The class action lawsuit argues that the hospital’s management has concealed the information even to its doctors and staff. 

The lawsuit also complains that the administration, including the engineering and building department, has failed to act, implement prevented measures, and fix the issue that has been existing for 19 years.

Infected Patients

According to news reports, no less than 14 children have encountered complications from the Aspergillus mold. 

The children were infected after the Seattle Children’s Hospital medicated them for different illnesses. Among these children, seven have died already.

The class action lawsuit included details about some of the patients infected by the Aspergillus mold:

Logan Shaffer – a newborn infant who was operated on in the hospital for heart surgery. On March 28, 2005, the patient died from a heart aneurysm due to mold.

Aiden Wells – a three-year-old child operated on for a bone marrow transplant in the hospital. The patient was diagnosed with a fungal infection in January 2009 and died two months after.

Whitney Stettler – a 17-year-old girl being treated for leukemia in the hospital. The patient has survived an Aspergillus mold infection after being treated by the hospital.

Ian Gunnel – is an 11-year-old boy being cured of cancer. Tests show that the patient suffered from mold infection, which caused his death in February 2019.

Plaintiffs Allegations

The class action lawsuit states that the Aspergillus infection came from the mold’s spread through the hospital’s airflow system.

Aside from mold, the lawsuit claims that the airflow system also had many issues, including leaks, water damage, the presence of dirt, clogged drainage, and the presence of dead and alive birds.

The lawsuit argues that the hospital’s management team has failed to provide and implement appropriate maintenance plans to ensure its patients’ and staff’s safety.

It asserts that the hospital maintenance and engineering team also lacks credible staff and budget to execute proper maintenance of its air handling system.

In March 2021, 15 more patients joined the class action lawsuit filed against the Seattle Children’s Hospital.

The plaintiffs argue that the patients were not informed of the current mold issue in the hospital.

Hospital’s Response

In November 2020, the Seattle Children’s Hospital’s CEO, Jeff Sperring, reported that the management plans to install HEPA filtration systems in 10 of its existing operating rooms to address mold infection. 

The management team adds that the said operating rooms will temporarily be closed to prepare for the system installation.

Editor’s Note on Seattle Children’s Hospital Mold Class Action Lawsuit:

This article is published to inform you of the latest update on the class action lawsuit filed against Seattle Children’s Hospital regarding the Aspergillus mold that affected many of its patients.

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