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School Enrollment Scheme Class Action Lawsuit

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School Enrollment Scheme Class Action Lawsuit – Multiple School Superintendents Charged With…

A class action lawsuit was charged against multiple school superintendents alleging that they have conspired to implement an enrollment scheme.

Several students filed a class action lawsuit against multiple superintendents in April 2021 at an Alabama circuit court. The lead plaintiff includes minor students whose identities were not revealed.

The students assert that the enrollment scheme executed by the superintendents stole their identities. The conspirators have allegedly earned millions of dollars from the scheme.

The defendants include Tom Sisk, now-former superintendent for Limestone County School, and Trey Holladay, now-former superintendent for Athens City Schools.

The plaintiffs argue that the defendants stole their identities and enrolled them in public schools without their parents’ consent and knowledge.

It has not yet been determined the total number of affected students. The class action lawsuit estimates that there are around 100 eligible class members.

It seeks to require the defendants to pay out compensation for the amount they have gained from stealing the student’s identities. The fund will be used to create a trust for the affected students.

Plaintiffs Allegations

The students claim that personal information was stolen to enroll them in public schools. The enrollment scheme was done to direct funds to the public schools. Some of these funds have allegedly been pocketed by the conspirators.

The plaintiffs contend that the enrollment scheme, which lasted for years, allowed the superintendents to earn millions of dollars.

The students insist that the superintendent’s actions have exposed their personal information, making these minors vulnerable to fraud and identity theft.

Enrollment Scheme

Six individuals were charged with the class action lawsuit, including superintendents Tom Sisk and Trey Holladay, Greg Corkren, David Webb Tutt, Deborah Holladay, and Rick Carter. These six individuals allegedly conspired to execute the enrollment scheme.

The enrollment scheme involved using the identities of students and enrolling them in virtual class programs. The students did now know that they were enrolled in these classes. Their parents also did not provide consent to register the minors. 

The class action lawsuit states the defendants gave perks to private schools, including online access to educational materials. Student information, such as their names, addresses, birthdays, and social security numbers, were given in return.

The defendants used this stolen information to enroll the students into public school virtual programs to direct funds to these schools. The scheme allowed them to earn around $7,000 for each student.

In April 2021, Tom Sisk pled guilty to the allegations made against him.

The class action lawsuit declares that the defendants have breached the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) from their actions.

Editor’s Note on School Enrollment Scheme Class Action Lawsuit:

This article is published to inform you of the latest class action lawsuit filed against superintendents who conspired to implement an enrollment scheme.

Case Name & No.: Doe, et al. v. Holladay, et al., 69-CV-2021-900016.00, Circuit Court of Barbour County, Alabama

Products/Services: Enrollment scheme

Allegations: Superintendents and other individuals conspired to implement an enrollment scheme 

Status: Pending

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