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Sara Lee All Butter Pound Cake Class Action Lawsuit

Consumer Class Actions

Sara Lee All Butter Pound Cake Class Action Lawsuit – Soybean Oil, Artificial Color…

Customer Sues Sara Lee 

Consumer items company Sara Lee Corporation is being dragged to court by a complainant arguing that it failed to disclose the proper ingredients they have used in one of their product offerings. 

Complainant Paula Salouras has filed a class action lawsuit against Sara Lee after the company didn’t properly inform customers like her of the presence of other shortening materials in their Sara Lee All Butter Pound Cake. 

Salouras argued that Sara Lee has misrepresented its butter cake offering by making claims that it only uses butter as a shortening material. 

Yet, in fact, she added, there are other chemicals used alongside butter in manufacturing the item. 

She complained in her class action lawsuit that the company has used soybean oil alongside butter. 

This runs afoul with Sara Lee’s marketing claims that show the words ‘All Butter’ in the product labeling. 

Not only that, but the complainant also argued that the company has used an artificial coloring substance in order to enhance the color of the item.

Alleged to be a yellow food coloring, they claimed that the manufacturer did this in order to make the color pop more and to present an image that the item contains a lot of butter but the truth’s far from that. 

Plaintiff Makes Additional Claims

Sara Lee, the company behind the butter pound cake item in the center of this lawsuit, has received an additional array of accusations they’re required to answer in court. 

Plaintiff to the case Paula Salouras has asserted that Sara Lee has made a huge profit in artificially increasing the tag price of its butter cake product-knowing that customers are willing to pay a premium for their product for they believe it’s solely made of butter.

The company allegedly rode on the general perception regular everyday consumers have that they would prefer to go with butter than other types of oils for health reasons. 

They tend to avoid items that contain non-butter substitutes, for they trust that they would be safe from chemically processed synthetic ingredients. 

This alleged deception perpetrated by Sara Lee pushed the complainant to file the Sara Lee All Butter Cake Class Action Lawsuit in an Illinois court. 

Salouras is seeking to form and represent a Nationwide Class consisting of members all over the country that were fooled into buying Sara Lee’s butter cake after falling victim to the company’s malign means. 

In her proposal, all Americans that have bought a Sara Lee All Butter Pound Cake from 2016 are included in the Nationwide Class. A Subclass for Illinois consumers is being introduced as well. 

Also, she is suing the company for violations of law consumer protection law in The Prairie State. Counts of unjust enrichment and breach of warranty are also included in the class action lawsuit. 

About Sara Lee

Headquartered in Illinois, Sara Lee Corporation is a company that focuses on selling different consumer goods products worldwide. 

The company has been able to create a global reach to 180 countries around the globe. 

Founded in 1939, Sara Lee is currently headed by its top management officers Marcel Smits, as CEO, and Jan Bennink, as chairman. 

Editor’s Note on Sara Lee All Butter Pound Cake Class Action Lawsuit: 

This article features the latest complaint lodged at Sara Lee stemming from the accusations that the company purposely hid the other artificial shortening substances used in their butter cake.  

Case Name(s) & No.: Salouras v. Sara Lee Frozen Bakery LLC; Case No.: 121-cv-02117

Jurisdiction: United States District Court for the Northern District of Illinois

Products/Services Involved: Sara Lee’s All Butter Pound Cake

Allegation: Sara Lee didn’t properly inform its customers of its All Butter Pound Cake’s actual ingredients. 

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