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Samsung Moves For Early Dismissal in Samsung Water Proof Class Action Consider The Consumer

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Samsung Moves For Early Dismissal in Water Proof Class Action

The Samsung Waterproof Class Action

Samsung is moving to put the class action lawsuit filed against them over its Water Resistant capabilities for an early dismissal early, according to various reports. 

Kyle Clark, the case’s plaintiff, has not been able to cross the Class Action threshold, so to speak, and does not have more than 100 members joining or damages worth over $5 million. 

The company’s motion to dismiss declares that “Clark [plaintiff] does not allege how much she paid for her 27 or how much she can show in damages, nor does she plead any facts regarding the number of putative members of the New Jersey Class or the quantum of damages those putative class members are alleged to have suffered. In sum, she has entirely failed to allege facts supporting her legal connection that [Class Action Fairness Act] applies”. 

Editor’s Note on the Samsung Water Proof Class Action Request for Dismissal

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