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French Door Samsung Refrigerator Class Action Lawsuit

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Samsung Refrigerator Class Action Lawsuit – Defective French Door Refrigerators…

After Talks Fall Through, Court Will Continue To Hear Complaint On Defective Samsung Refrigerators

Samsung’s American subsidiary is set to face a continued legal battle after a year of negotiations failed to resolve the differences between the company and complainants – with petitioners alleging Samsung of allowing defects on its refrigerators. 

Legal Action Set To Carry On

The said class action, Samsung Refrigerator Class Action Lawsuit, will continue to be heard in court concerning the plaintiffs and Samsung. 

The said lawsuit was filed due to allegations that there is a flaw in the company’s refrigerators.  

Complainants Debra and Ronald Bianchi complained that there was a fault in the French door external dispenser of Samsung’s refrigerators that causes the consumer to suffer from a variety of issues. 

The said defect is reported to have caused their refrigerator to leak and slush, make excessive fan noises, and for some instances had over freezing episodes. 

A United States District Court Judge has released an announcement back in 2019 ordering the plaintiffs and Samsung to enter into negotiation to resolve the issues set forward by the Samsung Refrigerator Class Action Lawsuit. 

As of writing, the two parties involved are still under mediation, and a court hearing is set to commence in May this year. 

Samsung Broken Refrigerators Class Action Details

The class action lawsuit filed by both Ronald and Debra Bianchi is seeking to establish a Nationwide Class consisting of Samsung customers who have bought a defective Samsung refrigerator that leads to a series of different problems. 

It is reported that only a handful of models contain the said defect. The class action lawsuit filed against Samsung warned that there were thousands of affected consumers that suffer from the same fate. 

The following are the models, in all colors, that are said to have the defect and are covered in the class action: 

  • RF23HCEDB model;
  • RF23HCEDT model;
  • RFH23HSESB model;
  • RF23HTEDB model;
  • RF23J9011 model;
  • RF24FSEDB model;
  • RF25HMEDB model;
  • RF263BEAE model;
  • RF263TEAE model;
  • RF26J7500 model;
  • RF28HDEDB model;
  • RF28HDEDT model;
  • RF28HFEDB model;
  • RF28HFEDT model;
  • RF28HFPDB model;
  • RF30HDEDT model;
  • RF31FMEDB model;
  • RF31FMESB model;
  • RF323TEDB model;
  • RF32FMQDB model;
  • RF34H9950 model; and 
  • RF34H9960 model. 

Both the Bianchis contend that Samsung refused to acknowledge the defects and has remained silent amidst consumer complaints. 

Samsung, meanwhile, has vehemently denied the allegations thrown against them and has consistently submitted court filings absolving itself from any responsibilities. 

About the company

Samsung’s subsidiary for the United States, Samsung Electronics America, Inc., makes different consumer electronics products. 

These products range from smart TVs (televisions), digital cameras and phones, to smartwatches. The company provides products and services worldwide. 

Editor’s Note on Samsung Refrigerator Class Action Lawsuit:

This report aims to provide you the latest information on the class action lawsuit filed against Samsung concerning the company’s faulty refrigerator units. 

Case Name(s) & No.: Bianchi, et al. v. Samsung Electronics America Inc., et al.; Case No. 2:17-cv-01263

Jurisdiction: United States District Court for the District of New Jersey 

Products/Services Involved: Samsung refrigerators

Allegation(s): Samsung sold refrigerators with flaws in their French doors that cause many issues for owners. 

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2 thoughts on “Samsung Refrigerator Class Action Lawsuit – Defective French Door Refrigerators…”

  • Susan Lyon says:

    My Samsung refrigerator model #RF28HMEDBSR is only 6 years old and has cost me a fortune in repairs that were not covered. I used their service company in 2019 and paid 312.78 for temp sensor and water leakage. The same problem with it not getting cold and back panel freezing up happened again exactly 2 years later. $484.47 to again replace thermostat,evaporator and new panel cover. Now is starting to freeze up and fail again,15 months later.I’m so disgusted with Samsung and their refusal to make good on this piece of crap!

  • DG Smith says:

    Having to deal with Samsung customer service has got to be right up there with water boarding! Our refrigerator was purchased on 7/30/21. It resides in an RV. During the month of August it failed to cool in both compartments numerous times. Sparing others the painful “blow by blow” I will just say that Samsung fails so thoroughly in its customer service processes, personnel, policies, and technology that it can not be by accident. It has got to be intentional. At every possible turn a customer is frustrated and beat down just by ineptitude and incompetence such that you’ll do anything just to “make it stop!” I will NEVER, EVER, do business with Samsung on any product or service as long as I live.

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