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Samsung Galaxy S5 Explosion Class Action Lawsuit 2021

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Samsung Galaxy S5 Battery Explosion Class Action Lawsuit 2021

Mother Sues Samsung After Galaxy Phone Exploded And Injured Her And Her Son

Samsung is being taken to court due to one of its phones allegedly blowing up and harming a mother and her child. 

Samsung Galaxy S5 Unexpectedly Explodes

A lawsuit is being filed in an Arizona federal court by a mother after an alleged incident involving a Samsung smartphone exploding unexpectedly. It has caused injury to her and her child. 

Dawn Torrez is suing Samsung Electronics America along with other defendants for allegedly transgressing several federal level laws.

Torrez shared that she bought a Samsung Galaxy S5 in 2019 from Wireless Buybacks. Then, more than a year ago, the Samsung phone spontaneously caught on fire while on her chest. 

Surprised by the sudden burst of flames, she shouted on top of her lungs, which woke up and alerted her son. The phone, which was now on the ground, was stomped on furiously by Torrez’s son as an act of defense to protect his mother. As a result, both parent and child sustained injuries after the whole ordeal.

Suit Details

The class action lawsuit further claimed that the Samsung Galaxy S5 sold to complainant Torrez was not suited for its original intended use. A concrete example was the recent incident. 

She continued that the defendants were negligent in ensuring that the product is of high quality and it meets its intended purpose. 

This has caused the two of them to sustain serious injury and bodily harm. Also, they contend that the injuries they sustained due to the incident have caused both of them to go through pain and suffering, life-long impairment and disability, mental anguish, and loss of satisfaction in life. They also managed to rack up a high medical expense for the treatment of their injuries. 

Torrez is asking the court to force Samsung and other defendants to pay up for the damages that they have caused to her and her son. The damages cover different aspects, from loss of earnings to interests and additional costs. 

Editor’s Note on Samsung Galaxy S5 Explosion Class Action Lawsuit 2021:

This report aims to provide you the latest news regarding a suit filed against Samsung and other defendants as a result of an incident wherein a Samsung Galaxy S5 unexpectedly exploded and hurt two individuals. 

Case Name(s) & No.(s): Torrez v. Samsung Electronics America, Inc.; Case No: 2:21-cv-02247

Jurisdiction: United States District Court District of Arizona

Products/Services Involved: Samsung Galaxy S5

Allegation(s): Samsung and other defendants are negligent in ensuring that the phone product meets its intended purpose and is safe for consumer use. 

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