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Rubbermaid Ice Coolers Class Action

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Rubbermaid Ice Coolers Class Action – It Doesn’t Keep Ice Cool As It Claims To…

Rubbermaid Incorporated is being taken to court with a class-action lawsuit filed against them for the act of deception in advertising their line of ice coolers to be able to keep ice frozen for four days to a week when the plaintiff has proven otherwise.

The lawsuit filed at the United States District Court in New York is based on the fact that Rubbermaid Incorporated has misleadingly promoted their line of ice coolers to be of high quality to retain ice for four days to a week. Still, after the purchase of the product, it has failed to do so.

Based on the reviews of consumers who have purchased the ice cooler produced by Rubbermaid Incorporated, the company’s claims about their product’s ability to keep ice frozen for the said amount of time of 4 days to a week was false, and expectations of the product only lead to disappointment.

The lawsuit now is filed with the aim to bring justice to those who have been a victim of the false advertisement from Rubbermaid Incorporated and to point out that the claims have led to regretful buyers.

Rubbermaid Incorporated has claimed that their ice coolers keep ice for five days and also went on to say that it can withhold a capacity of 130 cans and 15 lbs of ice. It also went as far as to make the same claim in Spanish and French.

How do this labeling and misinterpretation affect an individual’s right as a consumer?

Plaintiff argued that had he known that the product was not as good of quality as Rubbermaid Incorporated claimed it was, as well as the other consumers of the product, he would not have wasted the money on such a product that costs just as much, maybe even more, than the regular ice cooler.

Individuals purchase products in line with their standards and what works best for them in terms of efficiency.

Deceptive labeling and description of a product’s quality, such as Rubbermaid Incorporated’s line of ice coolers, resulted in unsatisfied customers.

In addition to that, the unjust situation wherein the people who have purchased the product was disappointed.

At the same time, the creators still profited from the false labeling noted in the lawsuit.

The plaintiff seeks justice from the situation by having Rubbermaid Incorporated own up to their unlawful act and reinventing their labeling of the product to make it so only the truth is presented so as not to result in another false advertisement.

Individuals who have purchased the ice coolers that were claimed to have a four to seven days ice retention made by Rubbermaid Incorporated in the United States are being proposed.

The plaintiff also represents all consumers in New York of the same product.

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