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Ron Zacapa 23 Class Action Lawsuit 2021

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Ron Zacapa 23 Class Action Lawsuit – Not Really 23 Years Old & Traditionally Solera Distilled…

Ron Zacapa 23’s Age Is Not Actually 23 Years Old; Rum Misleadingly Advertised 

Diageo North America has been accused by new class action lawsuits for allegedly duping their customers into believing that Ron Zacapa 23 they sell is old and premium compared to others, though the truth is the total opposite.


Mike Tedeschi v. Diageo North America, Inc.

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Illinois complainant Mike Tedeschi filed a class action suit against Diageo North America, Inc. The company makes the Ron Zacapa 23 Centenario Rum liquor product that is in the center of the class action’s arguments. 

Tedeschi contended that Diageo North America, Inc. has gone with illegal means to make customers buy their Ron Zacapa. Allegedly, the company tried to sell their Ron Zacapa rum as a premium quality rum due to its age and distilling characteristics.

The Ron Zacapa 23 Class Action Lawsuit argued that the rum manufacturer has deceived its customers of the true nature of its Ron Zacapa 23 through misleading and false advertising and marketing claims. 

Tedeschi added that he, along with other rum buyers, was not informed of the true distilling process and age of the product. 

He detailed that he bought a bottle of Ron Zacapa 23 Centenario Rum because of the allegedly deceptive and misleading marketing tactics the company used. They included the inclusion of a large 23 on the product’s label along with several representations made regarding the traditional distilling process Diageo North America practices for rums. 

Diageo’s Untrue Claims

However, the rum distiller allegedly failed to properly disclose their rum products’ true nature. It is argued that the claimed age of 23 years old indicated on the label is false. In fact, the age of the alcoholic beverage used consisted of concoction ingredients not at the age mentioned. 

Furthermore, it is alleged that the traditional distilling process Ron Zacapa 23 rum supposedly underwent is not true. The plaintiff contended that the company’s claims that their product has undergone the solera distilling system are impossible for it is time-consuming and complex. 

Have he known the whole truth, Tedeschi said that he would not have bought the company’s Ron Zacapa rum, and he believed that other people that allegedly fell for the company’s claims would do too. 

Filed in a federal court in New York, the Ron Zacapa 23 Class Action Lawsuit 2021 is seeking to form a Class that would represent Illinois residents who have also bought Diageo’s rum offering. 

Its complainant is asking the court to order the alcohol company to be held accountable for several counts of negligent misrepresentation, fraud, breach of warranty, and others. Tedeschi is seeking damages and other related fees to the legal proceedings. 

Perry Michael Fischer v. Diageo North America, Inc.

The second Ron Zacapa 23 Class Action Lawsuit is a case filed against Diageo North America, the company behind Ron Zacapa 23 Centenario Rum. 

According to the complainant in the lawsuit Perry Michael Fischer, Diageo North America uses a variety of rum products aged between six to twenty-three years in its Ron Zacapa 23 Centenario Rum. 

Statements that suggest Diageo North America’s rum aging process along with the prominent use of the number 23 on the product label are said to have misconstrued the true nature behind the rum’s actual age, and buyers do not know about this. 

Plaintiff Fischer shares that he bought Ron Zacapa 23 Centenario Rum many times because he believed that the product is indeed aged to at least 23 years old based on the marketing claims included in the item’s label. 

The Question About Diageo North America’s Deed

But how does Diageo North America come up with the different mixtures of rums of different ages to come up with the final product being offered as Ron Zacapa 23 Centenario Rum in the market?

Per the class action, the company reportedly uses an alcohol aging method known in the industry as solera aging and blending. This is done by adding up multiple barrels of different aged rums or alcohol on top of each other. Allegedly, this is how Ron Zacapa 23 rums are made with a variety of different aged rums combined with one another. 

Fischer, the complainant leading the Class Action Lawsuit, is seeking to take Diageo North America to court for its alleged misdeeds involving the abovementioned rum product. 

In addition, he is claiming that the absence of court intervention to the matter would cause him and other similarly situated individuals to suffer damages and harm with the rum company’s unchecked actions. 

Additional Class Action Details 

The class action filing is asking the court to allow the formation and representation of multiple Class groups of eligible Ron Zacapa 23 buyers: a Class that would cover the whole United States and another one that would include Class members from the states of California and others. 

Diageo North America will possibly face different charges in the court of alleged violations of different state laws and statutes. 

About The Company

Diageo North America, Inc. is a company that is a subsidiary under Diageo plc. The company is well known for its offerings of a different range of alcoholic beverages known as the brands of Captain Morgan rum, Canadian whisky, and Ron Zacapa 23, the rum product in the middle of a class action lawsuit. The company is headquartered in New York’s World Trade Center. 

Editor’s Note on Ron Zacapa 23 Class Action Lawsuit 2021: 

This feature shows the latest details of the class action lawsuit filed against the maker of Ron Zacapa 23 rum for allegedly misleading customers into believing that the item is indeed 23 years old and has undergone a series of premium distillation processes. 

#1 Case Name(s) & No.(s): Mike Tedeschi v. Diageo North America, Inc.; Case No.: 1:21-cv-04940

Jurisdiction: United States District Court for Southern District of New York

#2 Case Name(s) & No.(s): Perry Michael Fischer v. Diageo North America, Inc.; Case No.: 2:21-cv-07249

Jurisdiction: United States (U.S.)District Court for the Central District of California

Products/Services Involved: Ron Zacapa 23 Centenario Rum

Allegation(s): Diageo made false and deceptive marketing statements and claims about their Ron Zacapa 23’s alcohol age and distilling process.

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