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Learn About The Rockville Audio Class Action

Getting Half of What You Paid for?

People often like to listen to music, podcasts, or shows when they’re commuting, especially if they’re traveling by car.

Now, people who spend a lot of time in their cars are often careful with what goes into their vehicles, as it’s very expensive to get something fixed or replaced.

So, when Rockville Pro Sound and Lighting was hit with a class-action lawsuit that alleges that they have grossly exaggerated the power capacity of particular car and professional audio products in their lineup, these same consumers may be a little peeved!

What You Need To Know

The case alleges that the company’s car amplifiers, subwoofers and speakers, along with their pro audio equipment, have a significantly higher reported root mean square, or RMS, than what they really put forth.

Let’s say a customer tries to use the company’s gears at their marketed RMS power capacities, the products may actually blow up, causing smoke, stench, and other damages to the vehicles.

Here are the products that actually have half of what is advertised by Rockville:

– K9 and K6 lines of car amplifiers, subwoofers, and speakers; and

– RVP and RVW pro audios, including, but not limited to, model numbers RVP15W8; RVP15W4; RVP18W8; RVP18W4; RVW1500P8; RVW1500P4; RVW1800P8; RVW1800P4. 

Further claims also state that the company’s amplifiers, speakers and subwoofers are marketed with a peak power wattage, showing that it is the maximum amount the products can handle without damaging themselves.

Plaintiffs also allege that even though Rockville knew its RMS ratings were false, and that people could not find the products’ true power-handling capacities, the company did not fully inform consumers that their product lineup cannot operate at power levels that are consistent with how they are marketed.

The case also cites reviews from customers who have bought the company’s products which ended up failing, breaking, or blowing up, as reported above.

Editor’s note on the Rockville Audio Class Action Lawsuit:

This piece is written about the recent Rockville Audio class action lawsuit. For more information, or to submit a claim, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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