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Rocketreach Data Sharing Class Action Lawsuit 2021

Consumer Class Actions

RocketReach Data Privacy Class Action Lawsuit 2021 – RR Charged For Illegally Using Customers’ Data

RocketReach LLC, a consumer database, was charged with a class action lawsuit due to allegations that the company illegally used their clients’ private data.

The Class Action Lawsuit

The lead plaintiff, Aimee Krause, filed the class action lawsuit against RocketReach at an Illinois federal court on April 12, 2021.

The class action lawsuit attested that the company took advantage of its clients’ personal information by using them for personal gain without obtaining permission.

It added that the clients’ personal identification was used, including location, contact numbers, and employer information. The company allegedly used the data to sell their personal services.

Plaintiff Allegations

RocketReach has an online consumer database. They claim to have the most extensive database containing emails and direct dials. They offer a monthly subscription payment scheme for their users to have access to this information.

The lead plaintiff claimed that RocketReach has used her personal information without her consent in their marketing pages. She added that information, including her name, job title, employer, and social media page links, were used to get paid subscriptions from their users.

The complainant contended that the company’s data contained information from users who allowed the company to use their data. 

The class action lawsuit declared that RocketReach allowed users who liked to try out their service for free to look for an individual’s information in their database. Their users then use this to sell products to those individuals.

The lead plaintiff added that, while the company does not sell the individual’s data, they used it to earn subscriptions to their database.

Related Law

The class action lawsuit believed that the company’s action to use unauthorized data for their benefit violated the Illinois Right to Publicity Act.

It aims to represent individuals residing in Illinois whose information was used by RocketReach without their consent. It seeks to require RocketReach to pay for damages to affected individuals.

Related Lawsuits

Various class action lawsuits were filed against different companies due to alleged data breach issues.

In April 2021, a class action lawsuit was filed against Whirlpool. The lead plaintiff, a Florida resident, argued that the company violated her privacy by tracking her activities on their website without her consent.

Aside from this, a class action lawsuit was also filed against in March 2021. The class action lawsuit claimed that the website used yearbook photos of various individuals without their authorization.

Editor’s Note on RocketReach Data Privacy Class Action Lawsuit 2021:

This article is published to inform you of the latest class action lawsuit filed against RocketReach due to allegations that they used their clients’ personal data without their consent.

Case Name & No.: Krause v. RocketReach LLC, 1:21-cv-01938, US District Court for Illinois

Products/Services: Data breach

Allegations: RocketReach used their client’s data without their consent

Status: Pending 

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